Eyelid Surgery Patient 29663

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Age: 55


Description: Patient is a 55 year old woman from North Carolina who drove to Chester New Jersey to see Dr. Weinstein for her concerns and cosmetic surgery correction. She came in complaining of saggy neck, jowls, turkey gobbler neck deformity, hooded upper eyelids, excess skin of her upper and lower eyelid herniated fat pads or lower bags under eyes. She had cosmetic surgeon Dr. Larry Weinstein a board certified plastic surgeon who performed her cosmetic surgery rhytidectomy, Z lift facelift, face lift with SMAS, upper blepharoplasty, lower belpharoplasty and Laser at Chester Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey. The pictures are 4 weeks post operative her plastic surgery. The patient was very happy with the results of a more youthful profile and appearance. Her jowls were eliminated, her neck was corrected, her jawline was restored, her baggy lower lids and hooded upper eyelids were corrected. She was extremely happy about her natural well rested look with no telltale signs of cosmetic surgery

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