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“Mrs. New Jersey Breast Augmentation from Dr. Weinstein”

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“Nine years later and they still look amazing!”

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“I am a very happy client of Dr. Weinstein. Dr. Weinstein is truly top notch.”

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Patient Testimonials


“Love everyone here. They always strive to make you feel comfortable. Results better than expected”

“Excellent pre-operative care”

“Excellent level of care during operating room experience”

“Excellent overall surgical experience with Dr. Weinstein and his nursing staff”

55 Year old female 2 days post-operative Facelift

*Results May Vary

5 *****STAR RATING*****
“Dr. Weinstein did an amazing job on my face lift, nose and baggy eyes. My lips are just a complete difference from the crooked smile I had. It’s a miracle. I love my face!! I’m so happy and amazed by Dr. Weinstein’s work.
Thank you, thank you to all of you at your office. I’ve never met more caring people in my life.
I love you all.”

*Results May Vary

My experience with Dr. Weinstein has been exceptional. I was a little hesitant about having injections to my face and was looking for a little reassurance. I felt that reassurance immediately upon meeting him along with his assistant, Linda. They made me comfortable, I immediately felt safe in his capable hands. I love the way I look and will absolutely be back. Dr. Weinstein is a caring and kind man. His entire staff is a pleasure to deal with. I trust him and so should you.
*Results May Vary


I can’t say enough amazing things about Dr. Weinstein and his office staff. They all go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Dr. Weinstein took his time to understand exactly what I wanted and answered all of my questions. My procedure went exactly as planned and I am feeling like a new person. Thank you Dr. Weinstein. I will recommend you to anyone.
*Results May Vary


Haveing any type of operation can be scary, changing your body’s appearance can be especially unsettling. My fears were set aside when meeting Dr. Weinstein and his staff from the initial consultation. From beginning to end Dr. Weinstein and his staff treated my very well. My procedure was explained In detail on numerous visits prior to my surgery. If I had any questions or concerns they were answered promptly and appropriately . I recommend his practice to anyone thinking of bettering themselves physically, because as a result it has bettered me internally and I see myself as the true beautiful person I am! Thank you!
*Results May Vary


“After several years of research and careful consideration, my desire to have a more youthful looking me reached the top of my “bucket list”. I couldn’t stand the jowls and crepey neck any more. I chose Dr. Weinstein for my facial rejuvenation procedure (lower facelift) and lower eyelid surgery because I had an immediate sense of trust and confidence in him. At my initial consultation, Dr. Weinstein gave me a warm welcome and spent as much time as I needed, insuring that all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. The results are astonishing…. No more loose neckline and saggy jowls. It was an immediate change! I am thrilled with the outcome and can’t say enough good things about my entire experience…from the warm welcome of Veronica, the receptionist, the nursing care of Linda to the great Doctor, himself.”

Thank You!
*Results May Vary


“To Dr. Weinstein and Staff,

First I would like to thank your wonderful (staff) for always showing professionalism along with compassion, this comes with every call that was made to your office by me. It is rare to have an entire staff so concerned and willing to address every question or problem that may occur and make a patient like me feel so comfortable calling. For my wonderful doctor (Dr. Larry Weinstein) always showing consistency of professionalism and accountability, you are the best. These past three months have been very challenging, but you always encourage and advise me that you will be here and you definitely have been. I can’t thank you enough.”

Thank you so much,

*Results May Vary

Mrs. W.

“I was in a very dark place, not only with my physical appearance but emotionally as well. Having my procedure done by Dr. Weinstein gave me so much more than the tummy I always worked for and never achieved. I was given a self-confidence I had never experienced before. He and the staff made me feel comfortable, welcome and gave their undivided attention. Thank you Dr. Weinstein you helped me more than words will ever explain!”
*Results May Vary


“Dear Dr. Weinstein,

I want to take time to thank you for the wonderful job you did when I needed to have reconstructive surgery following a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. It was very difficult learning about my illness. Aside from hoping that the doctors had gotten to the cancer before it spread throughout my body, my secondary fear was wondering how I’d look coming out of surgery.

I really cannot express enough how truly grateful I am to have chosen you. You had come highly recommended, but I was still apprehensive. Throughout the entire process you had patiently explained what needed to be done and the various options that were available. Over many months I saw my body transform and I began to feel more self assured that “normal” was achievable. You even humorously modeled the implants which brought a smile to my face that I probably didn’t have in quite awhile.

I also must commend your staff. They are excellent and always have such professionalism as well as a friendly smile. I am grateful to you all.”

“Larry Weinstein is an incredible doctor. He made me feel at ease and every step before and after the procedure was a breeze due to his thoroughness and knowledge. He deserves every recognition he has received. Simply awesome.”
*Results May Vary


“I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about my experience with Dr. Weinstein and his amazing staff. They all made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I would recommend him to anybody! He is so fantastic, kind, funny and talented. His staff was so sweet and kind and I loved being around all of them. Thank you for giving me the one gift I’ve always wanted my whole life!”

“Dr. Weinstein and his staff were infinitely patient before surgery in answering my questions and addressing my concerns. When the date finally came to have my surgery, I felt comfortable and safe. I was delighted afterwards with the results of my jowl lift. I worried about the final outcome, that I might not look like myself…but it looked perfectly natural! Just a younger version of myself! I’m so happy with my decision to have the surgery! Dr. Weinstein is an artist among surgeons!”
*Results May Vary

“My husband had a motorcycle accident Thursday night, mangled his left hand. I called Doc W Friday morning. He was in surgery, but his very gracious staff got him in- we met the Doc at the hospital, he helped him out. Thanks so much!”
*Results May Vary


“When my little girl was 5 she was attacked by a dog. It was a horrible snow storm and we could not get a plastic surgeon to come out. One of the nurses at Hackettstown ER called Dr Weinstein and he was nice enough to met us at the ER in Morristown. Now that same little girl is 10 and even thou she still has a scar on her face its barely noticeably. His staff helped us with the insurance papers. We can not thank everyone enough.”
*Results May Vary


Dr. Weinstein and his staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease during each appointment. They are readily available to answer any questions you may have or to address your concerns. I was able to make appointments easily and reschedule without hassles. I am still in recovery mode from my surgery but so far so good! I am happy with my results thus far.”
*Results May Vary


“I have to say that I am very pleased with how my surgery turned out. Dr. Weinstein made me feel so comfortable with my surgery being that this was the first time I ever had anything done. He straightened my nose for me and wow, what a difference. I was so self-conscious with pictures before and now I feel great! His staff is always so welcoming and supportive. I’m always treated so nice here! Also at the hospital, I was very nervous and Dr. Weinstein held my hand before going under and reassured me everything was going to be okay. Thank you so much for what you have done for me!”
*Results May Vary

– M.D. of Netcong, NJ

“I am very happy with my surgery!”
*Results May Vary

– L.F., a 68 year old female from Great Meadows, NJ

“Dr. Weinstein has to be the most professional, well-mannered plastic surgeon around. He is very interested in explaining what you may not understand and takes the time to make you feel comfortable. He also has a great sense of humor, is extremely intelligent and does not take chances. The staff at Weinstein Plastic Surgery is wonderful! They are all very nice and welcoming. I have recommended Dr. Weinstein to anyone I know who is interested in plastic surgery so they can see what I mean for themselves.”
*Results May Vary

– Pat K.

“Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the work I had done and how satisfied I am with the end result, and the care I received from everyone at Weinstein Plastic Surgery.I am a 40 year old woman who has 2 children and wanted to have a breast reduction and lift. After interviewing three other surgeons I decided to go with Dr. Weinstein based on the fact that I thought he really understood what I wanted my end result to be, and seemed to think it would be no problem to achieve my goal. Dr. Weinstein’s words to me were, ‘Why shouldn’t you have what you want?’, and that was exactly what I needed to hear!

My surgery was done and it was the best money I have ever spent. I am so happy with the results. Dr. Weinstein listened to what I wanted and did exactly that! He and the staff were extremely professional, kind and understanding. They answered all of my questions before and after the surgery. I cannot say enough how happy I’ve been with the wonderful experience I’ve had with Dr. Weinstein and his staff. I would happily recommend them to anyone who is considering having surgery.”
*Results May Vary

– K.D.

“I have been visiting Dr. Weinstein since I was in my early thirties I am in my late 40’s and I maintain a natural, youthful appearance with the help of Dr. Weinstein. I have recommended Dr. Weinstein to family members. I get many compliments on my appearance from my peers at work! Also, I enjoy hearing about all of the great things that Dr. Weinstein has done for people with special needs.”
*Results May Vary

– D.F.

“My experience with Dr. Weinstein and staff has been all positive. From the scheduling of my two procedures to the operations, and finally post operations, you could not ask for a better plastic surgeon. Dr. Weinstein’s calm manner and expertise in this field makes the decision all too easy to choose him. Thanks so much for restoring my self confidence!”
*Results May Vary

– L.K. of Hackettstown

“Both Dr. Weinstein and his staff made me feel very comfortable. I appreciated how thorough he was in asking ‘why’ I wanted my Mommy Makeover. Today is day 10 since my surgery and I feel and look fabulous! I highly recommend Dr. Weinstein! This was the best decision I ever made!”
*Results May Vary

– T.S. of Mine Hill states

“I have truly enjoyed my experience here at Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center. The staff has been wonderful during my time of disappointment from previous surgeons. Dr. Weinstein is my favorite surgeon. I can’t thank him enough for making me feel whole again. God bless him and his staff.”
*Results May Vary

– M.D. of Union, NJ

“I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about my experience with Dr. Weinstein and his amazing staff. They all made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I would recommend him to anybody! He is so fantastic, kind, funny and talented. His staff was so sweet and kind and I loved being around all of them. Thank you for giving me the one gift I’ve always wanted my whole life!”
*Results May Vary

– J.J. of Lafayette

“Dr. Weinstein and his staff were infinitely patient before surgery in answering my questions and addressing my concerns. When the date finally came to have my surgery, I felt comfortable and safe. I was delighted afterwards with the results of my jowl lift. I worried about the final outcome, that I might not look like myself…but it looked perfectly natural! Just a younger version of myself! I’m so happy with my decision to have the surgery! Dr. Weinstein is an artist among surgeons!”
*Results May Vary

– M.B. from Bernardsville

“Dr. Weinstein,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for my new amazing body. After two C-sections I never thought I would feel comfortable in my own skin again. My relationship with my husband was strained and I was feeling pretty depressed. Now I am excited to get dressed in the morning and even wear things I haven’t fit into for over 5 years. My husband says it’s like we are dating all over again. I am an all around happier person with a new found pride in the way I look. Your professionalism and knowledge of what I needed and your concern for my anxiety about the surgery made this whole experience a positive one. Your staff and nurses are so pleasant to deal with. They really make me feel comfortable whenever I’m in your office. They show nothing but concern about my feelings and are always there to answer any questions I have. You are a top notch doctor with an amazing talent. Thank you for giving me my life back. You’re the best!”
*Results May Vary



“Doctor Larry tops the top of the list, a caring, sensitive man who is also an expert in his field.”
*Results May Vary

– JG

“The results of my surgery were incredible! I feel that I look great and people are always telling me that I look 10-15 years younger than I am.”
*Results May Vary

– RR

“I am extremely happy with my results. Dr. Weinstein is a wonderful, skilled surgeon and his staff is exceptional.”
*Results May Vary

– PH

“I had breast reduction surgery and I am extremely satisfied well beyond my expectation.”
*Results May Vary

– RA

“Dr. Weinstein is an excellent doctor and a master at his craft. The staff is kind, gentle and caring.”
*Results May Vary

– PM

“Dr. Weinstein treated me with respect, explaining step by step what was to take place, and was always warm and showed concern for my questions.”
*Results May Vary

– CM

“Every so often God gives a gift of healing to a person. Dr. Weinstein is more than a plastic surgeon, he has saved my life from breast cancer. He was with me every step of the way.”
*Results May Vary


“Dr. Weinstein almost defies description. His manner put me at ease immediately. He has been through out my entire process and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend anyone who is looking for a great office staff and doctor.”
*Results May Vary

– KD

“I have been coming to Dr. Weinstein for many years. He performed breast augmentation and then breast reconstruction on me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He is a wonderful doctor who is caring, friendly, compassionate and genuinely concerned about my progress and well being.”
*Results May Vary

– BP

“Words could never describe my gratitude for your fabulous work. You have helped me restore my confidence and self esteem.”
*Results May Vary

– DO

“Dr. Weinstein, along with his staff, made my procedure as routine as possible. His caring and intelligent way made me realize I had chosen the right doctor and that I was in good hands. He is wonderful at what he does and has exceptional skill.”
*Results May Vary

– LM

Plastic Surgery Testimonial

Plastic Surgery Testimonial

Plastic Surgery Testimonial

Plastic Surgery Testimonial

Plastic Surgery Testimonial

*Results May Vary

Patient Stories

The following is a story, which led one woman to consider, research, and go for plastic surgery…

As a mom, I have spent the majority of my time tending to other people and things. I am a jack of all trades and can fix nearly everything. Yet I never stopped to think that I deserved the same thought and care as my refinished floor, repainted rooms or rebuilt patio.

We moms are masters of home improvement, kid improvement, and school improvement, yet we save only the last gasping breath needed to get ourselves to the bathroom to slather on face cream and brush our teeth. Never a tenth of a percentage of our time goes into taking care of ourselves.

Well for this mom all things changed one day when I took stock of myself, yes myself. There I said it. Yes I figured out long ago that those marriage vows were really code for “You will now put yourself last”. Nonetheless I let everything wait for just a minute, ok half a minute and began pondering myself, my body, my physical being. Me Me Me Me It feels good to say it out loud sometimes.

When things start to break down or fall apart in our homes we fix them, we call in contractors, we carefully plan out our improvements and save for them. Well if the body is a temple I took one look at myself and thought well, there goes the neighborhood. Despite my desire to keep up my house I seemed to let my proverbial temple go to pot. In fact it bore more of a resemblance to a mission than a temple. It was time to make some improvements and quick.

That is where it really began. Once I gave myself permission to care for and improve my body as I do my home the rest of it fell into place. I asked myself what exactly would I like to do for myself? The answer was that I simply wanted to restore my shape to something that resembled my pre-pregnancy body. I thought about it and it made sense. I had housed three tenants for nine months a piece and they just left the place in shambles. So, I decided to reclaim ownership, and the search began to find right plastic surgeon. I contacted three different ones…The first doctor I saw, simply did not understand that I did not want to change who I looked like. I just wanted to freshen up the body that I already have. The second doctor, had some major renovations in mind. I was not set out to rebuild the Sistine Chapel, I just wanted to improve my own humble temple.

Then I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Weinstein and his staff. He took the time to listen to my concerns and made it a point to understand my mission. His staff carefully explained each and every step and Beverly too was invaluable in getting me through the process. No matter how small the concern she got right back to me. Yes, Dr. Weinstein was the doctor I chose. Not only did I instantly feel comfortable with him, I knew that he would always do whatever was in my best interest.

I determined that if I am ever going to be bare-assed naked on a table, well this is the guy I wanted to have in charge. So I did and I was and the results are terrific.

So my advice, is to go ahead and simply do for yourself what you would readily do for a worn out floor or tired paint. Rejuvenate yourself and enjoy! You deserve it.
*Results May Vary

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