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Facelift Procedure (Rhytidectomy) in New Jersey

Our faces go through a lot, just by aging, losing weight, being exposed to the sun, and just enduring the stresses of everyday life. This can be seen on our faces with deep creases and wrinkles that form between the mouth and nose. It also shows up as our jawline starts to droop and we form jowls or fat deposits and folds appear around our neck.

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What is a Facelift?

A facelift, also known as a  rhytidectomy, works to repair these problems. It cannot stop the aging process, but it can help to turn the clock by removing excess fat, re-draping the skin on your neck and face, and tightening underlying muscles to improve the visible signs of aging.

Can Facelifts Be Combined with Other Cosmetic Procedures?

Facelifts can be done by themselves or combined with other procedures, like eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, fillers or a forehead lift.

Facelift Before and After Photos

Facelift Morristown
Facelift Morristown

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Who are the best facelift candidates?

Men and women whose faces have begun to sag, but still has some elasticity left in their skin are the best facelift candidates. Usually, patients are between the ages of forty – seventy. However, Dr. Larry Weinstein will not discriminate for age and will perform a rhytidectomy on any healthy patient requesting one – even those in their eighties. Younger people can rarely benefit from this procedure, but those who have lost a great amount of weight have used it to help them look their best.

Those interested in receiving a rhytidectomy will be able to meet with Dr. Larry Weinstein to discuss their expectations and learn more about the techniques used to help them get the natural-looking results they are looking for.

Facelift with Dr. Weinstein

What happens in the initial facelift consultation?

New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Weinstein provides very individualized facelifts to each of his patients. In your first consultation, he will evaluate your face, the skin and the underlying bone. He will then discuss your goals for the procedure. He will review your medical history, but you should be sure to address any medications you are taking or if you smoke.

Please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Larry Weinstein questions you may have. He is ready and willing to address any concerns you may have.

How Should I Prepare for a Facelift?See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My Dream

Instructions from facelift specialist Dr. Larry Weinstein will be provided to you on how to best prepare for your procedure. They will let you know what you should eat and drink and what medications you should avoid. If you follow these instructions carefully, then your surgery will be able to go more smoothly. If you are currently smoking, be sure to stop at least two weeks prior to your surgery.

If you have short hair, you may want to let it grow longer before the surgery. That way it will be long enough to hide the scars as you heal.

Arrange for someone to take you to and from the ambulatory facility or Morristown Medical Center on the day of surgery. It may also be helpful if you had someone with you the few days after surgery to help you out as needed.

Where will my facelift be performed?

Dr. Larry Weinstein performs his facelift procedures at an outpatient surgery facility. He performs this procedure at the following locations:

  • Chester Surgery Center in Chester New Jersey
  • Morristown Medical Center (Memorial Hospital) in Morristown, New Jersey

He has privileges to perform Facelifts or Rhytidectomy as well at:

  • Overlook Medical Center in Summit, New Jersey
  • Hackettstown Medical Center in Hackettstown, New Jersey
  • St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey

How is the facelift procedure performed?

Dr. Larry Weinstein performs the procedure in a safe and conservative way. He usually works on one side of the face at a time. The procedure goes as follows:

  • Incisions are made at the temples above the hairline, and follow the natural line of the ear, then curve behind the earlobe into the lower scalp.
  • Neck, facial tissue and muscle are separated. The fat is trimmed or suctioned and the underlying muscles are tightened.
  • After the tightening of the deep tissues, the excess skin is then pulled up and back to be trimmed and sutured into place.
  • After the surgery, a thin, small tube may be placed temporarily behind your ear, under the skin to drain blood that may collect there.
  • Your head is rapped loosely with bandages to minimize swelling and bruising.

How Long Does a Facelift Take?

The procedure usually takes several hours. But, may take longer if you are having more than one procedure done. If you are having more than one procedure done, your surgery may be conducted in two sessions.

Does a Facelift Procedure Require Anesthesia?

Usually, facelifts are conducted with local anesthesia and a sedative to make you drowsy. This way, you will be relaxed and awake, but your face will not feel any pain. If you prefer to receive general anesthesia, your operation will take place in one of the outpatient surgery facilities, like the Morristown Medical Center.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“After several years of research and careful consideration, my desire to have a more youthful-looking me reached the top of my “bucket list”. I couldn’t stand the jowls and crepey neck any more. I chose Dr. Weinstein for my facial rejuvenation procedure (lower facelift) and lower eyelid surgery because I had an immediate sense of trust and confidence in him. At my initial consultation, Dr. Weinstein gave me a warm welcome and spent as much time as I needed, ensuring that all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. The results are astonishing…. No more loose neckline and saggy jowls. It was an immediate change! I am thrilled with the outcome and can’t say enough good things about my entire experience…from the warm welcome of Veronica, the receptionist, the nursing care of Linda to the great Doctor, himself.” -M.A.

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What happens after the facelift procedure?

After this procedure, there is not a significant amount of discomfort. However, if there is, Dr. Larry Weinstein will prescribe medication to help control the pain. There will be some numbness of the skin, which is normal, and will go away after a few weeks or months.
To keep the swelling down, it is best to keep your head elevated and avoid a lot of movement for the first few days after surgery.
If there was a drainage tube put in, it will be removed within three days of surgery. After one to five days, bandages are removed. After five days, your stitches will also be removed.

What Will My Scarring Look Like After a Facelift?

There will be scars, but most of them are not visible, as they are in your hairline and creases of your skin.

When can I return to my normal activities after a facelift?

You will be able to be up and about after a day or two. However, you should take it easy for at least a week after surgery. You need to be very gentle with your hair and face, since the skin will be numb and tender.

Specific guidelines will be provided by Dr. Larry Weinstein as to when you can resume normal activities. You will need to avoid strenuous activity for two weeks, get plenty of rest, and allow your body to heal.

During the first two weeks, your face may have bruising, features may appear distorted because of swelling and you might be self-conscious of your wounds. However, by the third week, you will feel and look much better.

What can I do for my skin after my facelift?

Dry facial skin is a major problem for men and women after facelift. I recommend that my patients use a moisturizer with sunscreen, mostly a Revision product which comes in clear for men and has tinted options for women. I also recommend a nightly regimen to continue to help tighten the skin and keep it moisturized with a continued glow. This usually requires my individual skin analysis. I have had good success with Environ C Boost, Cquence clarifying cream, and vitamin enriched differing strengths of CQuence for rejuvenation and maintenance pack. For really bad necks, I recommend Nectifirm. For forehead lines I recommend a focus frown serum with a focus CIT micro-needling device after Botox.

What are the Risks of a facelift?

The complications that come from receiving a facelift from Dr. Larry Weinstein are very infrequent and very minor. However, because each person is different in their anatomy, healing abilities and physical reactions, the outcome cannot be guaranteed. Some complications may include:

  • You may develop a hematoma, where blood collects under the skin. However, this can easily be treated by Dr. Larry Weinstein.
  • In the nerves that control facial muscles, you may experience temporary injury. long-lasting loss in control of these muscles is extremely rare.
  • After the surgery, you may develop an infection.
  • Anesthesia may produce an adverse reaction.
  • If you smoke, you may be more likely to heal poorly.

Dr. Larry Weinstein will advise you on how to best reduce your risks both before and after surgery. To reduce your risks even more, eat healthy, stop smoking, and refrain from alcohol abuse.

Your New Look

After surgery, you will feel fresher and look younger. A rhytidectomy will not stop the aging process, but you will look better than if you had not had a facelift at all. The results will last for years, but may need to be corrected after five or ten years.

If you want to take years off of your look and you have realistic expectations, then call us today to set up your personal facelift consultation today.

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