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Mommy Makeover

What is a Mommy Makeover Procedure?

Mommy MakeoverA woman’s body undergoes several negative effects because of pregnancy and childbirth. These include loose abdominal skin, stretch marks, increased hip and thigh size, sagging of the breasts, weakened abdominal muscles and many more. Even with strict diet and exercise, some mothers cannot seem to restore their body back to the way it was before pregnancy. Fortunately for those mothers who are finished having children, Dr. Larry Weinstein can perform a Mommy Makeover.

Who is a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

The ideal mommy makeover candidate should:

  • Be done having children
  • Be done breastfeeding
  • Lose as much pregnancy weight as they can on their own
  • Wait six months after giving birth to have her last child before she has a mommy makeover.

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What are my options for a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover procedure usually combines breast, hip, and tummy procedures. When these are used together, they can dramatically improve one’s body proportion. You may also combine it with facial rejuvenation procedures such as neck lift, jowl lift, or removal of puffy eyelids. Each Mommy Makeover procedure is custom suited to your needs. The following procedures can be combined in a mommy makeover:

How is the Mommy Makeover procedure done?

Because each Mommy Makeover is customized to you, there is a variation in the actual procedures and lengths of each one. It is usually performed in one or two sessions, and each individual surgery ranges from 2 to 6 hours. In your initial consultation, Dr. Weinstein will discuss your procedure, the risks involved and you may establish your expectations.

What is the Recovery from a Mommy Makeover?

The results vary on which procedure were combined in the Mommy Makeover. After surgery, there may be some pain or discomfort. However, that can be controlled with medication prescribed by Dr. Weinstein. Within a few hours, patients are able to walk around. Just be sure to only perform moderate activities in the first two weeks. Then, after 3-4 weeks, more strenuous activities like sports can be performed.

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Dr. Larry Weinstein Mommy Makeover Testimonial:

When Lindsey White, of Morristown, N.J., decided to get a breast lift and augmentation one year after delivering her fourth child, she had no idea she was embarking on phase one of her “mommy makeover.” She just knew she wanted her old breasts back.

“Before children, I was a full C cup,” she says. “After breastfeeding all four kids, I was less than an A. I was a board. I just hung. Even my mother said she’d never seen anyone that needed surgery more than me.”

Even though White was only 32 at the time, she had the surgery and was thrilled with the result. Now, the house manager, who is 34, has just gone back for more. This time, she had a tummy tuck.

“God forbid I should have lifted up my shirt and let someone see that bump,” she says, referring to her sagging stomach, which eight months of steady dieting and daily workouts had done nothing to cure. “It’s not fat. It’s just loose skin that I have no control over.”

White is part of a growing number of women undergoing mommy makeovers — multiple plastic surgery procedures that restore, or improve, their post-pregnancy bodies.

Dr. Weinstein has been helping mom’s restore the bodies for over twenty years. The combination procedures of breast augmentation through a tummy tuck incision has helped over 100 of his patients. The risk factors for the combined procedure in his practice is not greater then either procedure alone. The risks are minimal with less than 1% rupture and less than 2 % capsular contracture of the breast implants. Although he is concerned with clotting, all patients have compression boots and are encouraged to move their feet, so that the calf muscles are moving and to walk around the same day as surgery.

Many patient’s also benefit from limited liposuction to reestablish body contours that are pleasing and allow ladies to fit into the dress sizes they dream of. Mommy makeover is one of the most popular procedures in my practice.  Dr. Larry Weinstein.

*Results May Vary
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Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos





37 year old New York city metropolitan area New Jersey resident who was done having her children and wanted a mommy makeover. Dr. Larry Weinstein a board certified plastic surgeon in Chester New Jersey performed her breast augmentation through the low abdominoplasty panty line. The cosmetic procedure included liposuction of her hips with the tumescent liposuction technique not smartlipo. The cosmetic procedure was performed at Morristown Memorial hospital in Morristown New Jersey with 450cc saline high profile implants to enhance her natural proportional cosmetic results. *Results May Vary





33 year old Morris Somerset county New Jersey resident – c/o saggy baggy breasts after having multiple children and excess skin of abdomen, fatty tummy, striae atrophica, stretch marks. She had cosmetic surgeon Dr. Larry Weinstein a board certified plastic surgeon in Chester New Jersey who performed her cosmetic procedures tummy tuck abdominoplasty and breast augmentation through the abdominal incision with no breast incision at Morristown Memorial hospital in Morristown New Jersey. Post procedure photos are after 11 months Bilateral breast enlargement with saline filled round moderate plus breast implants and abdominoplasty with plication and tightening of her diastasis rectus, panniculectomy and tummy tuck. *Results May Vary





36 year old Morris county, New Jersey – NY NY Metropolitan female who had a mommy make over with abdominoplasty tummy tuck and breast augmentation through the low abdominal incision. She was happy with her natural feeling proportional breast augmentation and body contouring procedure. Dr. Larry Weinstein a board certified plastic surgeon performed her cosmetic surgery at Morristown Memorial hospital in Morristown, New Jersey. Her breast enhancement procedure was under the muscle or subpectoral placement with 325cc smooth round moderate plus profile saline filled breast implants were used. Postoperative photographs are 1/2 year after her cosmetic surgery. *Results May Vary

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