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Scar Revision

Scar revision, or Scarfix, is a concept Dr. Weinstein developed for improvement of visible scars. If a wound is corrected by a plastic surgeon, it is possible to use an atraumatic technique in which the healing process can be primed for the best result. Many wounds are not given the best environment for healing. Consequently hypertrophic scars or keloids can occur with contamination, traumatized edges, and genetics playing a role.

The first concept Dr. Weinstein had found to help a wound heal well is to clean the wound well. He usually recommends adequate anesthesia of the area prior to the thorough cleaning of the wound. By removing debris and bacterial contaminates, a wound has a better chance to heal with minimal visualization. The second concept is debridement of any significantly injured tissue, removal of the edges of the wound to have fresh non traumatized edges. Using atraumatic technique, which is to use plastic surgical techniques of minimal trauma to tissue. Smallest suture possible.

Subsequent to closure of the wound, a dressing is usually used to cover the wound to protect it from outside contaminants. An antibiotic is sometimes given to reduce bacterial proliferation.

It is very important not to gnaw, rub or scratch  the area around a wound or the wound itself. Animals should never lick a human wound, as there bacteria can contaminate the wound with horrid consequences.

One can use Benedryl cream or Calmine lotion around the wound to reduce itching, after about two weeks these creams can be used on the wound itself. Some wounds are left open to wash two or three times a day with a Dove bar of soap and then the application of Neosporin or Bacitracin is recommended. On the other hand burns are treated by Dr. Weinstein with frequent washing and the application of Silvadene until the risk of bacterial contamination is over.

While a wound is in the healing phase it can remain red from 6 months to two years while the wound matures. Some physician recommend LASER for redness of wounds, this may result in a white wound with no color.

Dr. Weinstein has done extensive research on Keloids and Hypertrophic wounds. His research with tissue expanders revealed that an unsightly wound can be flattened from the placement of an expander beneath it. At Weinstein Plastic Surgery we have an array or products to help a wound heal with minimal visibility when needed. Not all wounds need an application to heal well. Dr. Weinstein prefers to see, examine and understand each patient prior to recommending an appropriate treatment.

Some wounds are so unsightly that a plastic surgical remedy may be recommended. Atraumatic plastic surgery, LASER, flaps or tissue expanders may be considered.

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