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The Marvelous Mommy Makeover – Transforming New Moms

mommy makeoverThere are many joys and blessings that come with being a new mom. The toll pregnancy and childbirth takes on your body is not one of them. It’s all purely natural and largely inevitable, but this doesn’t take away from the anxiety of being left with a body you fear will never be the same again.

We’re of the mind that motherhood need not necessarily spell the end of the body you worked so hard to achieve. It can feel as though the damage is too severe, what with sagging breasts, a flabby stomach, and all manner of scars to deal with. That’s precisely why we put together our unique Mommy Makeover.

The idea of undergoing multiple surgeries to take care of each of the individual areas in need of treatment is enough to put anyone off the idea entirely. As such, we’ve assembled a uniquely comprehensive package for moms of all ages that allows you to pick and choose the areas you’d like to improve. The most popular procedures are breast augmentation and the tummy tuck, but we also go much further to incorporate any facial procedures that may be requested.

Best of all, many of the procedures can be performed in tandem or in quick succession, which in turn means that restoring confidence and the appearance you’re more familiar with need not be a long, drawn-out process.

As responsible surgeons, we’re firmly committed to ensuring our patients make the right decisions and we will never rush or pressure anyone into undergoing even the simplest of treatments. The very best approach to restoring a youthful look and inner confidence is, of course, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and general care for your health inside and out. But when those efforts amount to little improvement, our Mommy Makeover really can make an enormous difference.

Gynecomastia – More Common Than You’d Think

gynecomastiaMention gynecomastia to most men and chances are they’ll respond with a rather blank stare. However, mention the subject of unsightly male breast development and chances are it’s something they’ve heard about or are dealing with. A surprising proportion of the male population lives with one degree of gynecomastia or another. Some have overly large breast tissues, others have uneven breasts, and others deal with sagging.

It’s really no different from the problems encountered by millions of women. And just like female breast issues, gynecomastia has the potential to be genuinely life affecting for those suffering from the condition and they usually just go on suffering in silence.

Treatment for gynecomastia is relatively simple and genuinely affordable these days. In terms of qualification, any man that’s genuinely interested in improving the shape of his breast tissue for his own peace of mind could qualify by satisfying just a few simple criteria. For example, if you’re of a standard healthy weight, in generally good shape, and your breast tissue is not currently growing or shifting, chances are gynecomastia treatment is a viable option.

For the very best results, it’s also recommended that patients quit any unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking, while at the same time adopting a regime of exercise to preserve the results.

Looks may not be everything, but if your confidence and your life are suffering because of gynecomastia, there’s no reason to suffer in silence.

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