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Vectra 3D Gives You a Glimpse Into the Future

If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure, you may wish that you could see into the future for a peek at what you will look like after the procedure is done. You may even wish you could compare how you would look with one procedure versus another. With Vectra 3D imaging, you don’t have to wish and wonder anymore! 

What is Vectra 3D imaging?

Vectra three-dimensional (3D) imaging is an easy way to get a glimpse into the future. The session begins with pictures taken by a special 3D camera – several pictures are taken simultaneously from different angles. These pictures are put together to create a virtual model, which can be manipulated by a plastic surgeon to show the patient what the final results will be after a certain procedure or a combination of procedures. 

What can Vectra be used for?

Vectra 3D can be used when planning for a variety of procedures. It can be used for patients who are considering breast augmentation or lift, rhinoplasty, or a facelift. The patient can use these images to help them define plastic surgery goals and decide on which procedure to choose. It can also be used to “fine tune” a patient’s expectations, so that your final appearance will be exactly what you want. 

For instance, if you are interested in breast augmentation, you’ll be able to see how you’ll look with different sizes and kinds of implants. Your surgeon will be able to advise you if you need an additional procedure, such as a breast lift. And, if you are concerned about breasts that are asymmetric, Vectra 3D can help your surgeon determine how to best correct this problem, while giving you a preview of the final look. 

With Vectra 3D technology, you don’t have to worry what the results of your plastic surgery will be, and you don’t have to leave your future up to your imagination. It is just one more way that Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey, can help you to have the look you’ve always wanted. Call (908) 879-2222 for an appointment today!

4+ Reasons to Schedule Your Buttock Lift Now

Have you been considering a buttock lift? It can be hard to find the time for this kind of procedure during the summer, and it can also be hard to imagine sitting inside and healing when there is so much fun to be had out in the summer sun. This is just one reason why the colder months are the perfect time for a buttock lift! 

What is the procedure for a buttock lift?

This procedure is done on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia. In the procedure, excess skin and fat are removed, and liposuction may be performed. Incisions are made so that any scars will be hidden. Most patients can go home right away, as soon as the anesthesia has worn off.  

4 reasons why the colder months are the perfect time for a buttock lift

Scheduling your buttock lift now that it’s colder may be the perfect plan, because: 

  1. You will be swollen and bruised after the procedure, for as long as 10 days, and you will be given a compression garment to wear. Cold weather is a great excuse to wear big, fluffy winter clothes that can hide all of this.
  2. You have to plan ahead to have a bikini-ready body. You’ll need to schedule your surgery and have time for your body to recover and for the tissue to completely heal, and you’ll want to make sure this can all be done before beach season!
  3. Who wants to go outside in the cold weather, anyway? Harsh winter weather is the perfect excuse to stay inside, take it easy, and heal.
  4. A lot of companies practically shut down over the holidays, or at least slow down. It’s a great time of year to take some time off of work for the surgery and the recovery.

Schedule your buttock lift now, spend the cold months recovering while you are nice and cozy indoors, and have the body you’ve always wanted just in time to show it off in the warmer months. Contact Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey, today for a buttock lift consultation. Call (908) 879-2222!

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