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3 Swimsuit Trends to accentuate Your New Breasts

The best part about getting new breasts before the summer season is up is that you get to show them off a swimsuit. Depending on your body type though, one kind of swimsuit may be more flattering on you than others. Whether you like to cover up your midriff or show it off, let’s take a closer look at three swimsuit trends that will accentuate your new breasts.

One Pieces

One pieces can be a girl’s best friend when you are worried about covering up your midriff. The fun thing about one pieces is that they are super trendy right now and sexier than ever.

Even though one pieces used to primarily be used for swimming laps, they have come full circle and are now available in ones that have a plunging neckline or are cut extra high on the tips. Make sure that you find a one piece that is cut low enough to show off cleavage, but that fits you well everywhere else.

High-Waisted Bikinis

If you don’t’ want to cover up your entire midriff, but you aren’t yet ready to show off your stomach, then consider getting a high waisted bikini. High waisted bikinis have a vintage feel about them, but they are so popular right now that you can find a top that will show off your new breasts while wearing bottoms that cover up most women’s trouble areas (buttocks, love handles, abdomen).

Regular bikinis

If you’ve got it, then, by all means, flaunt it. Bikinis are the fastest way to feel sexy while you’re at the swimming pool plus you can find just about any style of bikini top to show off your breasts. For instance, you can get a halter top, triangle top, or bandeau top, all of which will make your new breasts look great.

Depending on the type of coverage you want, each of these swimsuits will help you look and feel sexier than ever. To learn more about breast augmentations, contact our Chester office and call 908-879-2222.

What to Do When Your Abdominal Workouts Aren’t Doing the Job

If it seems like you’re continually eating a lean diet, doing abdominal workouts, and trying to tighten your core, but you aren’t getting any result, then you may be wondering what you can do. One of the hardest things about losing weight around the stomach is that sometimes the fat can be stubborn and hard to get rid of. Let’ take a closer look at a few ways Dr. Weinstein can help you get that toned tummy in on time.


Sometimes during pregnancy, the abdominal muscles move around, which can make it harder for you to see results when you are losing weight after pregnancy.

Also, pregnancy can leave you with excess skin that’s hard to tighten with just exercises. During an abdominoplasty, Dr. Weinstein will reposition the abdominal muscles while also getting rid of excess skin on the abdomen to give you a tauter stomach.


Whether you want to do liposuction in conjunction with an abdominoplasty or just on its own, liposuction is one of the best ways to get rid of excess, stubborn fat on several parts of the body including on the stomach. During this surgical procedure, Dr. Weinstein will make small incisions just above the pelvic bone. Then, he will surgically scrape off the fat and suction it out with a device called a cannula. The result? A thinner stomach.

If you are sick and tired of doing abdominal crunches at the gym without seeing any results, then it may be time to get the help of a surgical procedure. To learn more about each of these procedures and whether or not you’re a good candidate, contact our Chester office at 908-879-2222.

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