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Forehead Lift Surgery in New Jersey: No
More Looking Sad or Angry

Forehead Lift SurgeryDo you appear angry and sad to other people for no reason at all? As you age, the area above your eyes is prone to undesirable skin manifestations, such as: furrows on the forehead, severe wrinkles above the eyebrows, excess skin of the lower forehead, brow ptosis, and brow hooding. These visible signs of aging are like your trademark on the forehead as you reach the age of 40 to 60. In some cases, people as young as late 20s already carry with them frown lines or furrows. And truly, these aging developments on your forehead can make you look angry, sad and tired – even if you aren’t really feeling that way.

A forehead lift, sometimes called brow lift surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that can significantly diminish, if not erase, those irritating lines and folds you see on your forehead. The surgery is also intended to lift drooping brows (in turn, minimizing frown lines) by removing or fixing the muscles and tissues that caused the drooping in the first place. Moreover, a brow lift surgery can improve inherited conditions in the eyebrows, including low and heavy brow. Once undertaken properly, the forehead surgery will bring you back to your more refreshing and vibrant self. By then you may no longer worry about looking angry and sad to other people for no apparent reason.

In performing brow lift surgeries, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Larry Weinstein will see to it that incisions are very minimal, if not perfectly hidden behind the hairline. At the minimum, Dr. Weinstein will deliver forehead lift surgery results that include: smoother forehead, lifted upper eyelids, and considerable reduction of frown lines. On your end, the essential key to a successful brow lift is your honest-to-goodness communication during consultation with Dr. Weinstein. Foremost is to lay down all your expectations on the surgery. Reveal to Dr. Weinstein your true medical condition, and the medications you are taking presently. Take note as well of the specific surgery techniques and anesthetics to be used, as well as their potential risks. Furthermore, be mindful of the recovery procedures and tips from Dr. Weinstein in order for you to recover fast and get back to normal routine – with smoother and younger forehead skin this time around.

If you are interested in a brow lift, please call our New Jersey Clinic at (908) 879-2222 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weinstein, or fill out this consultation request form.

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