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Treatment Options for Burn Care

If you are a burn victim, you understand just how emotional everyday can be to wake up to your scars. Not only are they a positive symbol that you made it through the fire alive, but they are also painful reminders of how your life changed almost instantly. If you have severe burn scars and would like to seek medical attention to get rid of them, read on to learn more.

burn careTreatment
Depending on how severe your scars are, the location of your scars, and how many there are will all be determining factors for what type of burn care treatment will be best for you. From skin grafting to tissue expanding, there are several options for both you and your doctor to pick from to help deliver you with the best results possible.

  • Skin Grafting
    Skin grafting is the procedure in which skin will be taken from one portion of the body (usually not visible with regular clothing) and then transplanted to another portion of the body. Once the skin has been removed from its initial site, it will then be transplanted to its final resting place by using medial dressing and a few stitches.
  • Tissue Expanding
    Tissue expansion is a more unique and complex procedure that allows your body to produce more of your natural skin. During this procedure, an instrument known as a “balloon expander” will be inserted underneath your skin near the location of the burn. Similar to how a woman’s body expands during pregnancy, this balloon will mimic that same process as it is slowly filled with a saline solution over time— causing the skin to expand and grow. Once enough skin has been grown, it will then be used to help repair the burn site.

Although there are other options available to treat burn scars, these are two of the most common types that are used and are fairly popular among patients.

To learn more about how to treat your burn scars or to schedule an appointment with one of our expert physicians, contact our office today!

How To Offer Your Breasts the Support They Need

If you have recently undergone breast augmentation surgery, congratulations! As a life altering surgery that will help to enhance your life and your appearance, breast enhancement surgery is a big step in helping you feel more like you. After you have fully recovered from your procedure, it’s important to offer your breasts the support they need all day long. Read on to learn more.

Breast ProceduresWorkout Bras
If you used to be able to get away with working out in your regular bra, kiss those days goodbye. Workout bras are designed to offer your breasts the support they need in order to not cause any extra strain on your breast tissue. When shopping for a workout bra, make sure that when you are doing things like jogging in place or jumping up and down that your breasts stay fairly stationary. If you notice that your breasts are moving a lot and don’t feel very supported, then it’s time to try a different workout bra. Although you may feel like your breasts are being smashed down, this added support will make sure that you can workout more comfortably without any added strain on your breasts.

Supported Bra
Although it would be nice to show up to the office without having to wear a bra, it simply is not professional or healthy for your breasts. Your new breasts need to feel lifted and supported all day long. When shopping for a bra to wear under your clothes every day, look for one that has the right amount of underwire to keep your breasts lifted, while making sure the bra cup itself is structured enough to hold your breasts in place throughout the day.

Sleep Bra
If you’re like most women the first thing you do when you get home is immediately take off your bra in order to unwind from a long day of work. Unless you are experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort around your breasts during your sleep, then you really don’t have to worry about sleeping in a bra at all. If you feel like you could use a little added support but don’t want to wear a bra to bed, try opting for a camisole that has a built-in bra in it— this will offer you a little bit of support without having to wear an actual bra to bed.

To learn more about how to care for your breasts after surgery, contact our office today!

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