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Look Younger at Any Age

skin agingAging is a process we must all experience at our own pace. This doesn’t mean that we should feel forced into an appearance that does not accurately depict who we are and how we feel on the inside. For many men and women, the evidence of a good, long life is exhibited in the form of smile lines (and frown lines), crow’s feet, sagging jowls, and tired-looking eyes. Who likes the sound of that? If you don’t, consider the ways that you can look as young as you feel.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty had it right! Ok, so she had no choice in the matter of her shut-eye. However, there is something to be said for sleep as it relates not only to health and wellness, but also to the aging process. Immediately following just one night of tossing and turning, you are treated to new bags under the eyes, heavy upper lids, and even a flattened appearance. If these kind of nights stack up, as they can with age, your appearance will reflect it. Making sleep a priority can save you from premature conditions, so shoot for 7 or more hours every night.

Beauty in a Bottle

Topical skin care solutions cannot do magic, but it is necessary to provide nourishing ingredients that ward off the signs of aging. The thing about skin care is that it can take time to develop the right program for you. From year to year, your skin care needs may change, as well. Consulting with a skin care specialist, rather than a salesperson at a cosmetics counter, is a wise decision regardless of whether your goal is to preserve smooth, youthful skin or to correct a problem like dark spots or wrinkles.

Managing the Signs of Aging

The signs of age are going to happen; there is no way around it. However, there are solutions that can ease your journey through the ages. Patients of Dr. Weinstein have options, and not all of them require surgery. Depending on your concerns, and on your desired result, you may wish to explore options such as Botox or dermal fillers. If cosmetic surgery is the most appropriate method of rejuvenation, you can feel confident knowing that precision techniques have achieved outstanding results for thousands of patients.

Rediscover your younger self. Give our office a call!

Can Cosmetic Surgery Improve your Quality of Life?

plastic surgeryThere are innumerable reasons why men and women may seek cosmetic plastic surgery. Many of those who consider improving a particular physical characteristic, such as the size or shape of their nose, continually procrastinate. Others move ahead with their elected procedure, having a sense that they will feel better about their appearance. Rarely are patients told that cosmetic plastic surgery will improve their life or their relationships. Why? Because it is not always the case, and we are seeing both sides of this question answered by research.

The Positive Outcomes of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

We see the positive outcomes of plastic surgery on a routine basis, and it brings us joy to hear how our patients are renewed in the area of self-confidence. Our personal experience reflects findings from various research studies. Two, conducted by Dr. Neil Sadick in 2008, investigated both surgical cosmetic treatments and non-surgical procedures. The findings were similar across the board.

  • 95% of patients who underwent breast lift surgery reported both physical and psychological improvements after their procedure.
  • A large percentage of patients who were treated with cosmetic surgery of one kind or another reported significant improvement in general quality of life 6 months post-surgery. Specific areas of improvement included relationships, social interactions, and sex.
  • A final study by Dr. Sadick found that patients who underwent facial plastic surgery felt significantly more satisfied with their appearance, and also felt less anxious and more independent.

An Interesting and Important Point

One of the aspects of plastic surgery that is discussed at length is expectations. When you look at the research findings, you could assume that every person who changes an aspect of his or her appearance would gain greater happiness in general. This is not necessarily true, and older research confirms this point.

A mid-90s study, Physical attractiveness and subjective well-being, investigated the how and why of improved psychological well-being after plastic surgery. What researchers found was that expectations really do matter. They looked at “target happiness” based on appearance, and found that it is not beauty, per se, that improves happiness, but our own unique perception of our own attractiveness. Greater beauty does not translate into more happiness, on average. Not all participants in this study would be deemed “attractive” by societal standards; but by their own standards, if they felt attractive, they enjoyed a greater sense of happiness overall.

The takeaway? Cosmetic plastic surgery, when approached with realistic expectations and an open mind, can improve your physical appearance and, as a result, your life. We are happy to speak with you about your esthetic goals. Give our office a call!

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