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Open Up the Windows to Your Soul with Blepharoplasty

eyelid6They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what if those windows are closed because of your “hooded” eyes? Don’t give other people the impression that you are tired or sleepy because of your droopy eyelids. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that will help those lids open up and make your eyes look more vibrant.

Yes, an eyelid surgery can hold promising benefits, but is it something that you should be considering? There are various reasons for you to consider this plastic surgical procedure.

  • If you appear tired or exhausted to others because of your puffy eyes, then it could be time to consider having those eyelids altered. Hooded eyes can generally make you appear tired and stressed — two of the last things you want to have as an impression from others.
  • If the drooping of your eyelids has already affected the way and quality that you see things, then an eyelid surgery might be worthy to be considered. Blepharoplasty cannot only address aesthetic concerns, but this physical problem as well.
  • If there is severe wrinkling in one’s lower eyelids, a blepharoplasty can address the situation and make those peepers appear brighter.
  • If you are already fed up with the effects of aging on your face, particularly on the areas around your eyes, then a blepharoplasty can bring you positive results. Usually, this procedure is performed on our patients in New Jersey who are already 35 years old and above.
  • If you are bothered about the noticeable bags under your eyes, or irritated by the way your hooded eyes look and obscure your vision, an eyelid surgery can be done even among our younger patients.
  • If you have good overall health and have realistic expectations about the procedure, then you can expect to see good results from a blepharoplasty.

Learn more about blepharoplasty and how you can benefit from it by calling us today at 908-879-2222 to book an appointment with Dr. Weinstein.


Early Otoplasty Can Make a Difference!

earsurg1In the world we live in today, it is unfortunate that society seeks perfection in every individual. Hollywood hotshots and celebrities on TV lead us to believe that there is such a thing, and when some people do not meet our ideals, it would be so easy for us to defame them. While adults may easily shrug the discrimination off, children find it hard to do so. This is why early otoplasty is important.

Addressing Projection of the Ears

Although it is not a physical defect or something that could affect our health, excessive projection in the ears is oftentimes considered an abnormality in the society we are in. Because of this, even mild protruding of the ears can greatly affect one’s perception of his physical appearance, leading to a reduction of self-image and self-esteem. Otoplasty is the surgical treatment to reduce ear projection, making ears look more pleasing.

Early Otoplasty Reaps Best Results

While otoplasty can be done both on adults and children, the young ones are able to benefit more from the procedure since they have softer cartilage which is more compliant to the treatment. Although an otoplasty is an elective procedure, which means that it is not actually required, parents and teachers of the child may notice a decline in the child’s self-worth, making them realize the importance of an ear correction procedure.

Improving a Child’s Quality of Life

Correcting prominent ears will not only improve the physical structure of the ears, but it will also improve the overall quality of life of a child who is often teased because of his or her appearance. Peer ridicule is common during childhood, and oftentimes it worsens once a child has an “abnormality” in his or her body. Otoplasty at a young age cannot only “normalize” the child’s ears, but it is also a way of providing your child a future he or she could face with more confidence.

Otoplasty in New Jersey

Face life with confidence from now on! Call us at 908-879-2222 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weinstein and know how you or your child can benefit from otoplasty.

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