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5 Treatments That More Men Are Flocking To


Typically, when patients think about cosmetic surgeries, they associate them with females, but did you know that we offer surgeries to men too? Yep, you read that right, and more and more men want to undergo surgeries to get treatments to help them age a bit more manly. Let’s take a closer look at five of the most common surgeries that we treat men with.


Facelifts can do wonders for both men and women. Usually, we see men at our office for facelifts when they start having poor self-esteem because of a loss of collagen and volume in their skin. If you are a man whose skin is starting to droop, then we may recommend a facelift. During this procedure, we will actually lift the skin and then tighten it to help give you a natural-looking yet youthful look.


Your nose is literally at the center of your face, and if you just aren’t happy with it, then your self-esteem may be suffering. Whether you were born with a nose that you aren’t fond of or if you were recently injured and damaged your nose, we can perform a rhinoplasty to correct it. During this procedure, we will reshape and contour the nose to make it something that you’re proud to show off.

Jowl Lift

Having a turkey neck isn’t exactly something that any male wants. Although your beard may be able to conceal it a little bit, it’s not going to do a whole lot. During a jowl lift, we will remove excess fat from underneath the chin and tighten the skin so that you have a more taut side profile.


Botox is the most popular non-invasive procedure that patients elect to get; especially at our office. As an injectable that used to only be popular among middle-aged women, men and women of all ages are getting Botox to treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.


If you feel like you have to constantly have a beard to conceal your fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and nose,  then you may be the perfect candidate for fillers. Fillers are used to fill in small lines to give you a more stubbly youthful look.

The key to getting good, natural looking results is to come to a surgeon like Dr. Weinstein. If you are a male who wants to get surgery done, schedule your consultation with us and call 908-879-2222.

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