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Am I a Good Candidate for a Nose Job?


short hair asian woman model touch her nose and clean fresh skin.Rhinoplasty (a “nose job”) is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures available. Are you wondering if you might be a good candidate for this popular procedure?

Getting the Nose You’ve Always Wanted

Nose jobs are performed for many reasons: they can change the shape or the size of the nose, change the angle between the upper lip and the nose, narrow the nostrils, correct damage done after an injury or from a birth defect, or it can even be done to help correct breathing problems.

But in order for the procedure to be safe and successful, your doctor will want to make sure that you are a good candidate:

  • Your growth should be complete. Your facial bones should have stopped growing, which typically happens around the age of 16.
  • You should be healthy. You should have no underlying medical conditions that might affect your ability to undergo surgery. You should also be a nonsmoker, or if you are a smoker, you should be willing to quit weeks before the surgery to avoid complications.
  • You should have realistic expectations. Plastic surgery can do wonders – but the results of rhinoplasty can depend on different factors, such as the shape of your face and the structure of your cartilage and your nasal bones.
  • You should be ready to follow instructions. You’ll be given a list of things to do (and not to do) before and after the procedure to help ensure a successful surgery and a quick recovery, and you’ll have to be able to take time to relax and recover when it is done.

Of course, during your rhinoplasty consultation, your doctor will discuss all of this with you. You should be prepared to tell him or her what you would like to change about your nose and the results you would like to see – a special computer program, the Vectra 3 dimensional imaging computer, can show you what you would look like after your rhinoplasty.

Do you have questions about rhinoplasty and if it might be the procedure for you? Schedule a rhinoplasty consultation at the Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey. Call (908) 879-2222 for an appointment today!

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