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Attaining Total Fulfillment in Rhinoplasty
Surgery New Jersey


Are you dissatisfied or unhappy with the current state of your nose – either with the nose structure itself or its relation with the rest of your facial features? Are you thinking of undergoing a nose surgery (rhinoplasty)? If you have apprehensions about the surgery, it is a very normal feeling.

But you have to resolve your fears first within yourself before plunging into a nose surgery procedure. You can do this by scheduling pre-consultation with a trusted plastic surgeon of your choice and discuss with him or her regarding your concerns and doubts. Be straightforward and specific about what you want to achieve. Is your problem about your too wide nostrils? You want to redefine your nasal tip? Is your nose going to look natural after surgery? Whatever it is, share all that “buzz” to your surgeon. In turn, expect the same level of forthrightness from your plastic surgeon, especially in terms of the feasibility of your aesthetic aims and the level of surgical uncertainty and risks. If your surgeon is not as honest and proactive to explain the specifics of the procedure, then maybe he or she is not the ideal surgeon to have.

Based in New Jersey, Dr. Larry Weinstein is mindful of the patient’s apprehensions when he or she is about to undergo any cosmetic surgery. This is more so with respect to rhinoplasty surgeries, as the look a person’s nose can significantly affect the total facial appearance. It is no surprise, therefore, that despite its popularity rhinoplasty is considered one of the most complex procedures.

Upon consultation with Dr. Weinstein, he will discuss with you a detailed surgery plan based on your particular physical attributes and aspirations. He emphasizes the importance of achieving aesthetic improvements from the surgery, not perfection. The nose surgery, like any other surgeries, has some degree of uncertainty and risks. But he will also explain the steps to undertake in minimizing the risk factors, downtime, and discomfort. It is the New Jersey Surgeon’s hope that during the operation day your anxieties are reduced and that you are confident enough with his surgical skills. At the end of the day, he will strive hard that your time, money and efforts are worth it in choosing his Rhinoplasty Surgery New Jersey.

Dr. Weinstein is is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has exceptional reputation in performing hundreds of successful rhinoplasty operations. He wants that you feel truly fulfilled after having a nose surgery.

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