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Body Plastic Surgery Procedures in Morristown, New Jersey


Plastic surgery provides Morristown residents with the option to improve the way they look and feel about themselves. Plastic surgery can be performed on a great variety of areas on the human body. This is why it is of great use to a lot of people who have cosmetic and medical problems.

Our plastic surgery procedures are highly regarded in the Morristown, New Jersey area. We have been servicing the area for many years. Our goal is to help each patient individually in the best way possible in the Morristown, New Jersey area.

Liposuction Procedure in the Morristown Area
Our liposuction procedure is performed by the highly skilled and experienced, Dr. Weinstein. The method used during the procedure is very smooth and under strict control. This is why the results are as expected and sometimes even exceeding expectations.

liposuctionLiposuction is a procedure that includes the removal of unnecessary fat on particular areas of the body. Most of the time patients want this procedure to be applied to many areas of their bodies simultaneously. Some of the areas where liposuction can be performed are the following:

  • Knees and thighs
  • Ankles and calves
  • Upper arms
  • Hips
  • Neck

Patients who trust our skills and professionalism with their health and appearance are highly rewarded when the final results are seen. We want to fulfill the wishes of each patient who contacts us with a particular cosmetic problem. Morristown area residents can contact us for detailed information and a consultation prior to scheduling procedures.

Scar Revision Procedures for Residents in the Morristown, New Jersey Area
Our skilled doctor, Dr. Weinstein, can easily improve visible scars. Morristown area residents can benefit from the services to correct a wound with a specific technique, which is highly effective in reducing scars.

When a wound is not properly treated, hypertrophy of the tissues and the formation of keloids can be a result. Many people suffering with this problem desire the help of a highly professional plastic surgeon with vast expertise.

  • Our scar revision procedures are recommended because of the following reasons:
  • Our specialists provide an individual treatment to each patient
  • The treatment depends on the wound
  • Dr. Weinstein examines the wounds and consults with each patient
  • Our scar revision procedures have some of the best results in Morristown, New Jersey
  • Our scar revision procedure prices are very affordable

Burn Care Services for Morristown Area Residents
Burns can be a very serious injury. The scars left after a burn have an effect that is long lasting. There are specific procedures for burn care that are proved effective in reducing the negative results of getting a burn.

Some of the burn care procedures are the following:

  • Skin grafting
  • Tissue expansion
  • Scar revision

Contact us for more information on the available options for your specific problem in the Morristown area.

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