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Create a More Comfortable Recovery from Abdominoplasty


tummy tuckThe tummy tuck procedure, or abdominoplasty, is an excellent solution to a sagging midsection. This surgery gives men and women back the smoother, tighter abdominal muscles and skin they crave. Whether abdominoplasty is a part of a larger enhancement program such as a total Mommy Makeover or it is the sole focus of care, it is important to plan ahead. This involves more than attending pre-surgery appointments; it also means that you look toward recovery, and ways that you can improve the overall experience.

After abdominoplasty, most people know that they cannot lift objects and that they need to postpone sessions with their personal trainer. There is even an understanding that some time should be taken off from work. But these general guidelines do little to help you create the most comfortable recovery possible.

Tips for your Home Recovery Center

No longer do cosmetic surgery procedures require a lengthy hospital stay. Most patients return home within a day or two – sometimes the same day as their procedure – to recover. With that in mind, you can view your home as your own personal “Recovery Center,” decking it out with necessities that will feed your senses in the best possible way.

  • Comfort is King when it comes to surgical recovery. Prior to your surgery, imagine what this looks like for you. Do you have a warm, soft blanket that you prefer over others? If you don’t, get one. Are your pillows welcoming and comfortable? Get more. Pillows of different sizes can be placed behind your back or at your sides to support your body and envelop you in comfort.
  • Eating well is essential to healing. Preparing healthy meals ahead of time can significantly reduce stress after surgery.
  • Boredom may set in more quickly than you think. To prevent this, gather new magazines or books you have wanted to read. Fill your music library with an array of relaxing and uplifting music. Stock up on DVDs that will keep you occupied for short bursts of time.

The recovery from abdominoplasty need not be unpleasant in the least. We are here to answer questions you may have, and support you as you heal.

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