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Easy Ways to Prevent Burns


Fire and heat are always dangerous, but there’s no ignoring the fact that we somehow need them in our homes and in our daily lives. Because of this, it is our responsibility to prevent ourselves and our family from becoming burn victims.

Make your home a safer and burn-free place by applying the following precautionary measures.

The danger comes mostly from the kitchen.

Be mindful when moving around the kitchen; pay attention even to the smallest details. You can turn your cooking pots and pans in so that the handles are not easily knocked off from the stove. If possible, you may cook using the back burners of your stove. Do not allow your children to play around the kitchen while you are cooking and help them develop this habit.

Be cautious when handling hot containers and liquids.

Do not ever pass a hot drink over someone’s head. Also, ensure that hot drinks or food are not placed on the edges of your table or a counter to avoid knocking them off.

Don’t leave the iron unattended.

When you are done with ironing, never leave the hot iron on the ironing board, especially if you have children around the house. Remove the plug and keep it in a safe spot, away from fabrics and your children’s reach. You should also do the same with hair irons.

Keep your household cleaning products in a safe place.

By safe, it means away from your children’s reach. Household cleaning products usually contain chemicals that could be harmful to the body when ingested or when a person is exposed to it. Reading the labels on these products also helps.

Sunscreen works wonders.

When going outdoors, it is advised to apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15. Since they are more sensitive to the heat of the sun, children could use sunscreen with SPF 30 at the least.


Burn Care in New Jersey

If you have already applied these measures yet still have injuries and scarring from burns, it is best to seek burn care right away. Here at Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center, you can take advantage of burn care in New Jersey and avoid the long-lasting effects of these injuries and scars.

Request a consultation with Dr. Weinstein today by calling 908-879-2222 or filling out this online contact form to learn more about burn care and to know your options. We would love to hear from you!


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