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Extend Your Liquid Facelift Results!


Model 13A liquid facelift is a procedure that rejuvenates the face and improves facial contour with the use of Botox and other dermal fillers. The effects of a liquid facelift does not last a lifetime. Due to continuous aging and other external factors, the patient may have to revisit her doctor for another treatment in order to maintain results. However, there are also ways to preserve the new contour and freshness of your face and see the results last longer!

Tip #1: Only use the best skin care products.

To make the most out of your liquid facelift, it is important to have an effective skin care regimen using the highest-grade skin care products. It can be difficult to sort out what really is effective because of some claims that appear to be just exaggerated. To determine what would really work on your skin, consult your doctor. You will most likely be prescribed with medical-grade products for skin care.

Tip #2: Your physician’s immediate post-treatment advice matters.

It is essential that you listen intently to the instructions provided by your doctor, including not to lie down for a couple of hours after treatment. Any exaggerated movement in the muscle or any excessive physical activity during the first few hours can affect the appearance of your liquid facelift.

Tip #3: Routine follow-up treatments can do wonders.

Having regular visits to your cosmetic clinic has a huge impact on how long the effects of your liquid facelift will last by stimulating your skin to produce more collagen. Returning for a few touch-up sessions will encourage the body to regenerate collagen; thus, it allows an improvement in the results while maintaining the youthfulness of your face.

Liquid Facelift in New Jersey

One thing that can decrease the effectiveness of most dermal fillers is exaggerated muscle movement. But since Botox can temporarily paralyze facial muscles, dermal fillers can be more effective in diminishing the wrinkles and fine lines on the face. As a result, you enjoy facial rejuvenation and get a more youthful appearance.

If you are interested in turning back the clock without going under the knife, consider getting a liquid facelift. Get in touch with us here at Weinstein Plastic Surgery by calling 908-879-2222 or filling out this online contact form and learn more about the wonders of liquid facelift.

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