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Four to Fourteen: Ideal Ages for Otoplasty
Surgery in New Jersey


A lot of people with prominently large or protruding ears would wait until adulthood to decide reshaping their ears surgically. There is nothing wrong with it, especially if they can withstand the embarrassments until adulthood solely because of the shape and size of their ears. However, in most cases, individuals with overly prominent ears get subjected to tease and ridicule beginning at childhood. Many of these children would find it difficult to fully heal from the emotional and psychological trauma.

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Larry Weinstein believes that – mainly to prevent any child from enduring teases and ridicule – the ideal age to undergo ear surgery procedure should be at childhood. But not too young until the ears are fully grown. Normally, ears are almost fully grown by the age of four; so, consequently it is from that age and onwards that children with prominent ears can be considered for surgery. On a scale range, children between the ages of 4 and 14 are ideal to undergo an otoplasty surgery in New Jersey. The parents of these children should know about this information.

Ear surgery is generally intended to set prominent ears closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears. Board-Certified Dr. Weinstein will correct the ear shape and size in a way that the ears retain their natural appearance and create a better balance with the rest of the facial features. While it is recommendable for children to undergo otoplasty as early as possible, parents shouldn’t insist on it. Rather, the children should seek change for themselves – this way, they are more cooperative during the process and happier with the outcome.

Having said everything above, ear surgery is no way disallowed for adults with protruding ears. Among older patients, normally there are no additional risks associated with ear surgery procedure.

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