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How Neck Lift Surgery Can Enhance Your Life and Appearance


Most adult individuals have no idea where the first signs of aging may come – that is, until the aging signs on the neck are already too obvious to hide and deny. Indeed, for many people the first few signs of aging occur in the neck area and come to manifest in the form of: sagging, turkey wattle, wrinkling, and excess skin. The skin on the neck is actually considered the thinnest on the human body, which is why such skin is susceptible to the cumulative effects of aging, gravity and heredity.

If you have any of these skin problems on the neck, you don’t have to wear turtlenecks all the time or give away your age with all the wrinkling and sagging going on. But no, the aforementioned neck skin issues cannot be eliminated by moisturizers or exfoliating creams. Rather, in most cases, you already need to undergo a surgical procedure known as Neck Lift Surgery.

At Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center, you have a great chance to improve the appearance of your neck area that have been ravaged by sagging skin, excess fat, too much skin, or the dreaded turkey wattle neck. Dr. Larry Weinstein approaches each problem with a specific cosmetic technique. As a standard procedure, he undertakes the neck lift procedure by removing extra neck fat and tightening the underlying neck muscles. Sometimes, neck lift is performed in conjunction with neck contouring and other skin rejuvenation options. To achieve a more noticeable improvement and if appropriate for your specific condition, Dr. Weinstein may suggest for the combination of neck lift with facelift surgery and chin augmentation procedures.

At any rate, Dr. Weinstein performs Neck Lift with utmost attention to details and patient safety. For many years, he has performed successful neck lift procedures as a standalone or in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments. Based in New Jersey, Dr. Weinstein is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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