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The Many Uses of Tissue Expansion


image-augTissue expansion can be used in a lot of ways. This is a procedure that involves the placement of a silicone balloon and gradually filling it to serve as an expander underneath the skin. When the balloon allows the skin to stretch around it, additional skin is created. The additional skin can be used in other reconstructive procedures.

Some of the procedures that can benefit from tissue expansion include:

Breast reconstruction. In this case, the expander is placed in the submuscular pocket, the pocket under the chest muscles. The use of tissue expansion in breast reconstruction has been associated with lower contracture and infection rates. Not only is this technique used in cosmetic surgery, but it has also proven to be of good use in patients with congenital hypoplasia of the breast and in burn victims as well.

Face, head, and neck. These are parts of the body wherein tissue expansion has proven to be particularly useful. For one, it is an effective treatment for male pattern baldness as well as large burn scars. With the help of tissue expansion, hair-bearing tissue can be significantly expanded up to twice its size without making hair density deficit noticeable.

Cleft lip repair. Intraoperative tissue expansion has provided excellent cosmetic results to cleft lip patients even if the deformity is severe. A condition called giant melanocytic nevi can also benefit from tissue expansion, as it permits better surgical planning of excisions.

Limitations of Tissue Expansion

Although it has a lot of uses, tissue expanders still have limitations, particularly relating to the position and placement of the expanders. When done against soft tissues, such as those in the neck and the abdomen, tissue expansion can be more complicated and difficult to perform, unlike when the process is done on a hard surface like a bone.

Dr. Weinstein will help you get to know the procedure better. You will be provided with other options as well. Call us today at 908-879-2222 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Weinstein. We look forward to hearing from you!

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