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New Jersey Tummy Tuck – Your Complete Guide


Pregnancy, massive weight loss or genetics contribute to the appearance of prominent fat and excess skin in the abdominal area. An abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is recommended for men and women who wish to improve the appearance and contours of their abdominal area. Dr. Larry Weinstein is a New Jersey tummy tuck surgeon who combines both experience and expertise in his plastic surgery practice since 1988.

Ideal Candidates for a New Jersey Tummy Tuck
A tummy tuck is not for everyone. An ideal candidate should meet the following criteria:

– within 10 percent of their ideal body weight
– protruding abdominal area which is also out of proportion to the rest of the body
– has stable weight for the past 6 months
– has excellent skin tone and elasticity
– has realistic expectations
– has done exercise and diet to no avail

An initial consultation with Dr. Weinstein could help fully assess your readiness, both physical and emotional, for a New Jersey tummy tuck.

Preparing for Your New Jersey Tummy Tuck

– Quit smoking for a month before the surgery. Cigarette use will increase the likelihood of complications post-procedure and may delay healing.
– Avoid using anti-inflammatory drugs which could result to increased bleeding after the procedure.
– Arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery. If you’re living alone, you can also ask someone to stay with you for the first 2 to 3 days following the procedure.
– Fill prescriptions before your scheduled surgery.
– Prepare loose clothing to be used during and after the procedure.

Recovering from Your New Jersey Tummy Tuck
Recovery periods will vary from one person to another, depending on their overall health status and the extent of the surgery. By and large, recovery period could fall between 2 to 3 weeks. By the 6th week following surgery, you will most likely be able to resume to your normal daily activities.

1. Take pain medications as prescribed.
Pain is relatively subjective and pain perception could vary between individuals. However, it is best if you take your pain medications as scheduled following a tummy tuck procedure. This will help stop the pain from getting worse. As pain could interfere with healing, relieving pain as early as possible will surely accelerate the healing process.

2. Stick to your antibiotics.
Infection is one of the most common complications following any type of surgery. Strictly monitor your body temperature and make it a point to stick to your antibiotics. Do not ever cut your prescription short; this will only lead to you developing resistance to the antibiotics you’re taking and you may need a stronger version of it in the future. Be on the lookout for redness and swelling as they could also indicate infection.

3. Wear abdominal support consistently.
An abdominal binder aims to help you heal faster and prevent swelling following a tummy tuck. This girdle-like garment come in different sizes. You will be asked to wear one right after the procedure. Adjust and check your abdominal binder for any signs of bleeding twice a day.

4. Empty drains every day.
You will most likely be asked to monitor the amount emptied from your surgical drains. Most post-tummy tuck patients find this very disgusting but you have to keep in mind that making sure that your drains are regularly emptied and are clean will lead to your desired outcomes. Always squeeze the drains a little before you close it to produce negative pressure and facilitate drainage. You can empty the surgical drains once or twice a day.

Dr. Weinstein has the significant experience, expertise, and skill for a successful body-contouring procedure in New Jersey. Get in touch with us at our Chester Woods Clinic by calling us at (908) 879-2222 or by filling out this contact form. Make an appointment today and experience the life changing effects of plastic surgery!

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