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Plastic Surgery Options for Maximum Burn Recovery


Burn victims may suffer from loss of sensation, impaired mobility function or a disfigured appearance. For patients wanting to go back to their normal activities and living as much as possible, exploring several plastic surgery options might greatly benefit them.

Dr. Larry Weinstein of the Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center provides excellent New Jersey burn care for maximum recovery amongst victims. If the burned portion of your body is severely wounded, Dr. Weinstein may have to do a débridement – removal of dead skin tissues prior to plastic surgery.

These are the two plastic surgery options commonly sought after by patients from Dr. Weinstein.

Skin Grafting

Skin grafting by Dr. Weinstein involves the removal of skin from one area of the body and the transfer to another portion afterwards. Skin grafting in burn cases often comes in two kinds: split-thickness and full-thickness grafts. The former only involves the outer layer of the skin while the latter involves the entire dermis region.

A skin-cutting instrument called the dermatone is used to harvest skin from the donor site, often in the buttocks and inner thigh regions. Once completely removed, the harvested skin is then attached to the burnt region, held in place by several stitches and a sterile dressing. The donor site is also covered with dressings to avoid infection.

The recovery period for a split thickness graft is relatively fast, approximately 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, patients who undergo full thickness grafting may take longer to recover. Apart from being utilized in burn cases, skin grafting is also used in other cosmetic surgeries such as nose and breast reconstruction.

Tissue Expansion

By making use of a “balloon expander”, the damaged skin tissues of burn victims can be reconstructed. For the entire duration of the procedure, this balloon will be gradually filled with salt water (saline solution) until the skin stretches and grows. Once enough skin tissue has been regenerated and grown, Dr. Weinstein may then use the extra tissue to reconstruct the damaged portion.

An average tissue expansion procedure takes around 4 months. One of its advantages is how it can mimic one’s skin color and texture. Scarring is also rare since there is no skin removal involved.

If you’ve suffered from burns, feel fee to contact Dr. Weinstein about your plastic surgery options.

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