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The Real Deal on Wrinkles Revealed


treating wrinklesWrinkles and creases in our skin are expected as we age, but the wide range of anti-aging creams and lotions are also proof that both men and women are very interested in delaying or stopping the signs of aging. After treating almost 20,000 patients while in practice at his Chester clinic, Dr. Larry Weinstein has developed a skin care program which includes New Jersey facial fillers that will surely leave you satisfied and happy with the results.

Aside from strictly adhering to a skin care regimen similar to that of Dr. Weinstein’s, you might also want to know the real deal on anything wrinkle-related. Read on below.

Trace Your Family Tree

Like almost every health condition, wrinkles are also associated with genetics. By looking at your parents and grandparents, you can already have a little peek into your skin’s future – the degree, depth and onset of your creases, folds and lines. If you notice that some of your family members are prone to premature aging, you might want to start slathering on your broad-spectrum sunscreen now. Don’t forget to consistently apply a generous amount even when you’re indoors.

Sleeping Position Matters a Lot

Sleeping on the same side every night may accelerate wrinkle development. When you lie down on the same side of your face almost every bed time, that portion gets repeatedly smashed up against your bed or pillow. Creases and lines will most likely occur from this frequent sleeping position due to your collagen and connective tissues losing strength as you get older.

Beyond Sun Damage

Forehead creases and frown lines may indicate more than just sun damage. The creases between your eyes may suggest vision problems. If you find yourself squinting often, you might want to visit an eye specialist and have your visual acuity checked. Early detection and treatment of visual problems will also soften the appearance of frown lines as the muscles between your eyes will start to relax.

It’s In What You Eat (And Drink!)

Loading up on food rich in antioxidants is a huge favor you can do for your skin. Apart from delaying the development of wrinkles, anti-aging food sources will also help your skin glow and stay supple. The plumper your skin, the less apparent your wrinkles. The next time you want to grab something for a snack, have a bowl of raspberries or blueberries.

Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Sculptra, Juvederm and Radiesse can also help you ward off the appearance of wrinkles. Contact Dr. Weinstein today to learn more about these fillers and how it can naturally make your look younger and healthier.

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