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2 Things to Look for When Choosing a Surgeon

Whether you’re getting fillers or a facelift, you have a variety of decisions to make— including what type of procedure to go with, the results you want, and most importantly, what surgeon you are going to choose. Even though websites offering coupons or group deals to for cosmetic surgery procedures may sound appealing, unless they are being administered by a board certified surgeon like Dr. Larry Weinstein, you run a huge risk. So, how can you ensure that you are going with a surgeon you can trust? Read on to learn more.

Board Certification

The best thing you can look for when choosing a surgeon is to find one that is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Board certification means that the doctor:

  • Sticks to a strict code of ethics.
  • Has completed five years of surgical training with a minimum of two years in just plastic surgery.
  • Only operates in approved and accredited hospitals and clinics.
  • Maintains standards and patient safety innovations while fulfilling continuing medical education requirements.
  • Is trained and has experienced in all plastic surgery procedures.

Look At Reviews

In this day and age, it can be almost foolish not to use the Internet to research the surgeon you are going with. Most websites offer the ability to look at reviews of the surgeon you are interested in. If the surgeon has mediocre or negative reviews, make sure to cancel your appointment with them and schedule one with a surgeon who has positive reviews.

If you are looking for a surgeon you can trust, look no further than Dr. Larry Weinstein himself. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and with years of experience performing procedures like breast implants, rhinoplasties, abdominoplasties, and more, you know that you are in the best of hands. To learn more about Dr. Larry Weinstein or to schedule a consultation appointment, contact our office today!

3 Ways to Prepare for Tissue Expansion Surgery

Plastic SurgeryDepending on the size of your body and the cosmetic surgical procedure you would like to have done, you may not have enough skin to cover the area. For instance, if you are petite and would like to get a breast augmentation, you may not have enough skin to cover the implants. Luckily, with a procedure called tissue expansion, Dr. Larry Weinstein can expand your skin so that it properly covers and protects the surgical site. To help you prepare for this surgery, we have created a brief guide with three easy tips. Read on to learn more.

  1. Stop Smoking

Before you undergo surgery from Dr. Larry Weinstein, you should stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery. Smoking decreases your body’s ability to heal after surgery which puts you at an increased risk of complications. If you need help quitting smoking, contact a local hotline or reach out to our staff for additional support.

  1. Avoid Blood Thinners

If you are on any blood thinning medication, make sure to notify Dr. Weinstein in your initial consultation. Blood thinners can make the surgical process a lot more complicated and can increase your recovery time. If you take medications like Ibuprofen or aspirin on a regular basis, you will be instructed to stop taking it for at least a few weeks before surgery.

  1. Get a Ride Home

Typically, Dr. Larry Weinstein can start the tissue expansion project at the same time as your breast augmentation surgery. However, because these are two fairly invasive surgeries, you will be under anesthesia which means that you won’t be able to drive home. Before you come in for surgery, make sure that you schedule a ride home from either a friend or family member. If you don’t have anyone to pick you up, let us know beforehand, and we can arrange for a taxi service.

Before you get a tissue expansion surgery, make sure that you stop smoking and taking blood thinners, and that you arrange for a ride home after surgery. To learn more about this surgery and more, contact Dr. Larry Weinstein’s office today!



Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Dr. Weinstein

Treating carpal Tunnel SyndromeWe have heard much about the prevention and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) for year nows. However, information on how to treat the musculoskeletal disorder is often left out of the conversation. With both males and females equally affected, hand function loss can be treated through surgery, several non-surgical alternatives, or a combination of both. Dr. Larry Weinstein performs several New York hand surgeries, one of which is aimed at treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Signs and Symptoms

The most common signs and symptoms of CTS include:

1. numbness and tingling of one’s fingers
2. chronic pain in the thumb area which can extend as far as your neck
3. unusual range in temperature and/or touch senstation
4. burning sensation from wrist to fingers
5. inflammation in the hands and/or forearm
6. stiffness of fingers early in the morning

Who’s at Risk?

CTS is primarily a result of increased pressure of the median nerve which passes through the wrist’s carpal tunnel formed by bone and ligament. Your median nerve carries nerve impulses from the brain down to your hands.

Individuals who are at risk of CTS include those who work for jobs involving repeated movements of the hands and fingers for long periods of time. For the past decades, the disorder has been greatly reported amongst jack hammer operators, assembly line workers, housewives and athletes. With the advent of technology and highly specialized jobs, CTS has greatly increased amongst workers who frequently use personal computers.

Treatment with Dr. Weinstein

Mild symptoms with CTS are treated with resting hands, fingers and wrist. Anti-inflammatory drugs and wrist splints are also taken into consideration. However, moderate to severe signs may need to be remedied with surgery. Dr. Weinstein takes extra care in preparing and performing surgeries in treating CTS.

To be able to access the tissue causing pressure into the median nerve, Dr. Weinstein makes an incision in your palm down to your wrist. He will then remove the tissue, or a section of it, to relieve pain and nerve pressure as well as restore hand function. To promote healing while temporarily restricting motion, a large dressing and a splint may be employed. Scarring will be less noticeable when proper wound care is applied. Surgical outcomes may vary depending on the extent of nerve damage.

If you’re interested in finding out your surgical options in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, visit Dr. Weinstein today for a personal consultation.

How Scars are Formed and How Scarfix Can Help

How scars are formed and how Scarfix can helpScars, whether large or small, are almost always unwanted. No one wants to have them around. But scars are actually a result of wound healing – humans and some animals often replace the skin lost in wounds through a scar rather than a new identical skin tissue. Dr. Larry Weinstein brings his deftness, experience and extraordinary attention to details when it comes to reducing scar appearance through a New Jersey Scarfix derma-repair treatment.

Scar Formation

Damage to your dermis, the deep, thicker layer of your skin, will produce new collagen fibers to mend the resulting wound from the trauma. The collagen fibers will turn into a new scar tissue, exhibiting new texture and quality than the surrounding skin.

Scar Strength

Your scar tissue will never be as strong as the normal skin tissue surrounding it. For the next 3 to 4 weeks following trauma, the scar could be easily reopened by another trauma. On its 6th week, it will most likely achieve half of its final strength. For the next 12 months, it will regain strength to withstand mild to moderate injury. However, it will never attain the same strength as that of its surrounding skin.

Scar Appearance

Collagen production is the primary mechanism which drives scar tissue formation. Maximum collagen production is achieved during the first 4 to 6 weeks until the wound closes down. Around this time, the scar will appear red, firm and slightly raised. It may usually take a year for the scar to finally “settle down” and achieve its final appearance.

Scar Treatments

There are different forms of treatments in reducing the appearance of scars. These types include:

1. Surgery – this form of treatment will not remove the scar but could significantly reduce its appearance and make it less noticeable. However, surgery is not recommended for hypertrophic scars as they may recur.
2. Steroid and filler injections – are employed to allow hypertrophic scars to flatten and soften their appearance.
3. Dermabrasion – is very useful in cases of hypertrophic scars. The technique removes the superficial portion of the skin
4. Radiotherapy – is used in extreme cases of keloid scarring.
5. Topical treatments – may reduce the appearance of scars with consistent use.

Dr. Weinstein offers Scarfix™, a derma-repair treatment for scars resulting from wounds, surgery, burns, cysts of acne, etc. Scarfix™ prevents hypertrophy and keloids. Scarfix™ gel can also be used in skin repair treatment for roseola and recent stretch marks. Contact him today for an initial consultation.

Forehead Lift Surgery in New Jersey: No
More Looking Sad or Angry

Forehead Lift SurgeryDo you appear angry and sad to other people for no reason at all? As you age, the area above your eyes is prone to undesirable skin manifestations, such as: furrows on the forehead, severe wrinkles above the eyebrows, excess skin of the lower forehead, brow ptosis, and brow hooding. These visible signs of aging are like your trademark on the forehead as you reach the age of 40 to 60. In some cases, people as young as late 20s already carry with them frown lines or furrows. And truly, these aging developments on your forehead can make you look angry, sad and tired – even if you aren’t really feeling that way.

A forehead lift, sometimes called brow lift surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that can significantly diminish, if not erase, those irritating lines and folds you see on your forehead. The surgery is also intended to lift drooping brows (in turn, minimizing frown lines) by removing or fixing the muscles and tissues that caused the drooping in the first place. Moreover, a brow lift surgery can improve inherited conditions in the eyebrows, including low and heavy brow. Once undertaken properly, the forehead surgery will bring you back to your more refreshing and vibrant self. By then you may no longer worry about looking angry and sad to other people for no apparent reason.

In performing brow lift surgeries, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Larry Weinstein will see to it that incisions are very minimal, if not perfectly hidden behind the hairline. At the minimum, Dr. Weinstein will deliver forehead lift surgery results that include: smoother forehead, lifted upper eyelids, and considerable reduction of frown lines. On your end, the essential key to a successful brow lift is your honest-to-goodness communication during consultation with Dr. Weinstein. Foremost is to lay down all your expectations on the surgery. Reveal to Dr. Weinstein your true medical condition, and the medications you are taking presently. Take note as well of the specific surgery techniques and anesthetics to be used, as well as their potential risks. Furthermore, be mindful of the recovery procedures and tips from Dr. Weinstein in order for you to recover fast and get back to normal routine – with smoother and younger forehead skin this time around.

If you are interested in a brow lift, please call our New Jersey Clinic at (908) 879-2222 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weinstein, or fill out this consultation request form.

The Art of Aging Gracefully

Aging, no matter what one does to delay its arrival, is always inevitable. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Weinstein offers his expertise in both surgical and non-surgical alternatives to combat aging at his lovely clinic in Chester, New Jersey. Although a New York facelift session will surely make you look better sans the wrinkles and fine lines, Dr. Weinstein believes that youthful glow can be completely restored through aging gracefully.

Read on below on how to age with bliss and grace!

Get Real

The key to actually aging well is all about getting hold of reality, accepting such fact, and moving on without hard feelings. When a woman notices the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles, panic is the most common reaction. Most of us have been conditioned that happiness is actually synonymous to youthfulness. However, it is relatively important for us to realize that much of happiness is actually felt rather than seen. No matter what you do, your skin will eventually lose its elasticity. Your hot chic days may have passed but you can still continue to feel great!

Age with Mother Nature

Although beauty products are great alternatives to erase years off your face, you might also want to make use of the natural resources around you. The age old advice of staying hydrated by drinking lots of water still applies. This will help your skin retain its natural elasticity.

You might be avoiding the outdoors as part of your anti-wrinkle plan. However, you can actually enjoy the outdoors and delay wrinkle formation at the same time by wearing high-quality sunscreen every day. Do not just rely on cosmetics with sunscreen component as this may not be enough. For optimal protection against premature aging, use unscented SPF 15 and apply generously.

You Are What You Eat

Proper eating and a balanced diet are also critical to fighting off aging. Women are more likely to gain weight as they age so a relatively active lifestyle should complement your healthy diet. You can speak to your doctor or consult a nutritionist to find out more about your dietary needs which is also suitable for your age.

If you’d like to see and discuss to Dr. Weinstein your non-surgical options in battling aging, schedule an initial consultation today!

Your Breast Augmentation Scarring Guide

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed that breast augmentation owns the top spot amongst the top cosmetic surgeries for women in 2011. This should not be a surprise as more and more women these days are opening their selves to the idea of highlighting their assets via cosmetic surgery.

The latest technological advancements in the aforementioned field has also convinced these women that going under the knife is not scary at all. There are various reasons why these women choose to have a New York breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Larry Weinstein. However, these ladies would often ask, will there be scarring?

Very Minimal Scarring with Dr. Weinstein

Any skin incision will cause scarring of some type. However, highly experienced surgeons such as Dr. Weinstein will always attempt to make the stitching as neat and small as possible to avoid scarring. Before the surgery, you may be shown photos of Dr. Weinstein’s previous works to guarantee that there will be very minimal appearance of scars.

Keloid vs. Hypertrophic Scars

A bright pink scar may appear a few days after the surgery. Severe scarring may occur in two forms – keloid and hypertrophic scars. The former occurs when the scar appears red, raised and extends beyond the region of the original incision. A keloid scar is often the result of too much collagen production during the healing phase. On the other hand, a hypertrophic scar often confines itself within the site of incision.

Post-Surgical Instructions

Unwanted scarring could be prevented by carefully following post-surgical instructions provided by Dr. Weinstein. A combination of factors such as genetics, overall health and current medical conditions could influence the formation of scarring. You should also try to avoid smoking after a breast augmentation procedure as it could reduce the body’s ability to heal quickly and properly.

You might also want to apply sunscreen to greatly diminish the likelihood of scarring as well as avoid further damage. Although the breast area may not be that exposed to the sun, this instruction is still valuable come summertime.

Dr. Weinstein is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has catered and treated more than 20,000 patients. These clients went out of Dr. Weisntein’s clinic satisfied and happy with the results. Be one of these clients by paying Dr. Weinstein a visit anytime soon. Get in touch with us today!

Botox and its Many Benefits

The cosmetic use of Botox was accidentally discovered in 1987 and its popularity today has soared to greater heights in treating wrinkles and fine lines. Apart from its wrinkle-smoothing properties, Botox is also used in the treatment of these 3 areas: excessive sweating, neck muscle disorders and eye muscle disorders. Dr. Larry Weinstein caters to clients who would like to have a New York Botox session for more youthful looking skin.

1. An injection of Botox primarily works by paralyzing the muscles injected with the botulinum toxin. The lesser a muscle moves, the less likely a wrinkle will develop. It is often injected into the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

2. The wrinkle-fighting toxin is also shown to be effective in treating migraine headaches. A study by the National Institutes of Health found out that when Botox is administered into the forehead, shoulder and neck, tension is relieved from the muscles resulting to reduced pain impulses into the nervous system. The results of the study prompted the FDA to approve the use of Botox in treating migraine headaches.

3. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is treated with several injections of Botox. Other applications of Botox which is currently under investigation include treatment of spasmodic dystonia, a neurological disorder which affects the larynx muscles. A recent study is observing its use in treating chronic pain in both the neck and the back.

4. In a study of 16 children with cerebral palsy, it has been revealed that Botox helped reduce spasticity amongst the patients. Their walking patterns has also improved as well as their ankle’s range of motion.

5. The National Institutes of Health has also revealed that Botox can be employed in the treatment of individuals who suffer from a highly active urinary bladder. When Botox is injected, the bladder tends to relax while increasing its capacity. The relaxing effect to the overactive bladder is said to last for months. This recent discovery has greatly benefited patients suffering from spinal injuries and disorders where bladder function has been compromised.

6. As eye muscles are temporarily relaxed with an injection of Botox, patients with eye disorders such as blepharospasm and strabismus can profoundly benefit from small yet consistent doses of a Botox injection.

Botox has certainly become so popular with numerous uses in the field of medicine – whether in cosmetic surgery or rehabilitative treatments. For more information on how Botox can work for your unwanted facial lines and creases, we invite you to visit Dr. Weinstein the soonest! Contact us for a personal consultation today.

5 Rhinoplasty Myths Debunked!

Nose reconstruction surgeries, also known as rhinoplasty, is continuously becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. In 2011, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed that there were about 120,000 patients seeking nose reshaping surgeries alone. Nose Surgery Surgeon Dr. Larry Weinstein offers his surgical expertise to men and women wanting to aesthetically enhance their appearance through a New Jersey rhinoplasty procedure.

Despite its popularity, there are several myths associated with nose surgeries. The truth behind them are revealed one by one below.

1. Rhinoplasty could be performed by anyone who calls himself a surgeon.
This is actually true. Anyone who is licensed to perform surgeries can do a rhinoplasty. However, keep in mind that surgeons have their own fields of expertise. A nose reconstruction surgery is an intricate procedure which involves complicated passageways housing bones, cartilages and other nasal structures. Why not specifically seek the services of a rhinoplasty specialist instead?

2. Any nose surgery is relatively painful.
This is actually false. There is actually no pain involved in rhinoplasty due to use of anesthesia. Dr. Weinstein will perform nasal surgeries either through general or local anesthesia, depending on the extent and requirements of your specific condition. General anesthesia will keep you completely asleep while local anesthesia will specifically numb the operated area. Swelling and bruising may be observed for the first 2 weeks, reaching their peak for the first 2 to 3 days following surgery.

3. Rhinoplasty is only for women.
Although women takes about 91 percent of the cosmetic surgeries performed in 2011, it is interesting to note that rhinoplasty ranks second amongst the top 5 surgeries performed in men on the same year. Male patients often seek rhinoplasty to narrow wider noses, remove bumps or create a more symmetrical shape.

4. Almost anyone will be able to figure out if I have nose surgery.
On a whole, your family and other close friends who are already familiar with your looks may notice the difference. However, most people will not be able to figure out that you had just a nose job.

5. A nose job will make me look stiff and expressionless.
This is not true. Your facial muscles will not be affected nor touched during rhinoplasty thus you are expected to frown, smile or display other facial expression without any problems at all.

For more information pertaining to rhinoplasty, contact Dr. Weinstein today!

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