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Why You Should Say Yes to New Breasts For Christmas

Breast Augmentation Chester NJRather than waiting for Santa Clause to sneak down your chimney and gift you with something that you may or may not use, why not give yourself a gift that you know you are going to enjoy? Here at Dr. Larry Weinstein’s office, we specialize in a variety of surgical treatments including breast augmentations to help give you larger, firmer, and perkier breasts. This year, before you let Santa decide what he’s going to give you, we have created a list of reasons why you should say yes to new breasts for Christmas.


Even though looks aren’t everything, there is something to say about being confident in the skin you’re in. Oftentimes, women want to get larger breasts as a way to add to their confidence while wearing form-fitting clothing or a swimsuit. If you find yourself feeling a little self-conscious about your breasts when you are in revealing clothing or swimwear, then a breast augmentation may be able to help.

Better Physical Appearance

If you have small, deflated, or asymmetrical breasts then a breast augmentation can help solve all of these issues. During a breast augmentation, Dr. Weinstein will work to give you perkier, larger, and symmetrical breasts so that you can feel better about your physical appearance.

You’ve Always Wanted It

There is no better time than the present to get what you want. If you have been putting off getting a breast augmentation for whatever reason, then make this year the year that you pull the trigger. If you are worried about financing, talk to our office about our financing options to see if we have a payment plan that will fit you and your lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about whether or not a breast augmentation is right for you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Weinstein at our Chester office and call us today at 908-879-2222.

How To Offer Your Breasts the Support They Need

If you have recently undergone breast augmentation surgery, congratulations! As a life altering surgery that will help to enhance your life and your appearance, breast enhancement surgery is a big step in helping you feel more like you. After you have fully recovered from your procedure, it’s important to offer your breasts the support they need all day long. Read on to learn more.

Breast ProceduresWorkout Bras
If you used to be able to get away with working out in your regular bra, kiss those days goodbye. Workout bras are designed to offer your breasts the support they need in order to not cause any extra strain on your breast tissue. When shopping for a workout bra, make sure that when you are doing things like jogging in place or jumping up and down that your breasts stay fairly stationary. If you notice that your breasts are moving a lot and don’t feel very supported, then it’s time to try a different workout bra. Although you may feel like your breasts are being smashed down, this added support will make sure that you can workout more comfortably without any added strain on your breasts.

Supported Bra
Although it would be nice to show up to the office without having to wear a bra, it simply is not professional or healthy for your breasts. Your new breasts need to feel lifted and supported all day long. When shopping for a bra to wear under your clothes every day, look for one that has the right amount of underwire to keep your breasts lifted, while making sure the bra cup itself is structured enough to hold your breasts in place throughout the day.

Sleep Bra
If you’re like most women the first thing you do when you get home is immediately take off your bra in order to unwind from a long day of work. Unless you are experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort around your breasts during your sleep, then you really don’t have to worry about sleeping in a bra at all. If you feel like you could use a little added support but don’t want to wear a bra to bed, try opting for a camisole that has a built-in bra in it— this will offer you a little bit of support without having to wear an actual bra to bed.

To learn more about how to care for your breasts after surgery, contact our office today!

Breast Lift Myths Debunked!

ModelOne common reason why most individuals have second thoughts in getting a cosmetic surgery is the unpleasant information they hear about a particular procedure. They believe in these statements so much that they think all of these are true, when in fact, they are just pure myths! Breast lift is a popular procedure that many patients still resort to for the wrong reasons.

Here are some breast lift myths that we have revealed only for you:

Myth: The breasts can only be lifted with a breast lift.

Although a breast lift can effectively “lift” the breasts, especially if the patient has good skin elasticity, more people opt for breast implants in order to add more volume and shape to the breasts. When done with a breast lift, the patient is more likely to achieve her desired results right after the procedure.

Myth: Breast lift can provide permanent results.

The saying that goes, “nothing lasts forever” is true when it comes to the results of a breast lift. Although you will have perky, more youthful-looking breasts for a long time, but with inevitable aging, the results can still alter over time. The breast continues to age as well so it is possible that they will go back to their droopy appearance anytime in the future.

Myth: Your breasts will be immune to any changes and weight fluctuations in the future.

As much as the rest of your body becomes affected once you gain or lose a lot of weight, so do your breasts. You can only do little to prevent these changes from happening once you experience significant weight fluctuations. This is why it is highly recommended that you have already maintained a healthy or ideal weight before undergoing a breast lift. Doing so can prolong the outcomes and youthful results of a breast lift.

Dr. Weinstein is qualified to perform breast lift to potential patients. If you are interested in getting a breast lift, call us today at 908-879-2222 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Weinstein. We look forward to hearing from you!

Unearthing Common Breast Reduction Myths

ModelBecause of misinformation, a lot of women are afraid to venture into the world of cosmetic surgery. There are already a lot of women who are uncomfortable with the size of their breasts and want them to be reduced, but have not done so because of bad information they have learned about the procedure – which might all just be myths! Don’t worry because we are debunking the most common breast reduction myths for you!

Myth: A Breast reduction surgery and breast lift are the same.

These are totally different procedures concerning the breast, although a breast lift can be done in conjunction with a breast reduction surgery. A breast reduction surgery is done with the use of liposuction to decrease the size of the breasts. However, it may not have any “lifting” effect on the breasts and may actually cause them to droop more. It is during these cases that a breast reduction surgery can be considered.

Myth: I can reduce the size of my breasts to a C cup.

A lot of women believe that the ideal breast size is a C since it is just between too big and too small. Sadly, when a woman undergoes breast reduction, the new cup size of her breasts may be hard to predict after surgery. After all, the cup size measurements followed by one lingerie store may be different from another. It is important to shop only after your breasts have been done.

Myth: Losing enough weight can eliminate the need for breast reduction.

It is important for a woman to know that the breasts are made up of both fat and glandular tissue. Although diet and exercise can eliminate the fat in the breasts and reduce breast size, glandular tissue cannot be eliminated. If you have naturally large breasts to the point that you already experience back pain and other discomforts, losing weight may not be enough.

Breast Reduction in New Jersey

If you are interested in breast reduction surgery and would like to know more, request an appointment with Dr. Weinstein today by calling 908-879-2222. You can also choose to fill out this online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


Aftercare for Your New Breasts

ModelOur New Jersey breast augmentation practice has given more and more women the sweet satisfaction of having larger breasts. No more slouching because you have nothing to show off. It’s time to keep that chest out and show the confidence in you.

But before anything else, remember that your responsibility does not end when the surgery is completed and your plastic surgeon sends you home. You have to take care of your new breasts to make the most out of your breast augmentation procedure and to have an easy and quick recovery.

Recovery after breast augmentation

Immediately after the procedure, you should already be able to walk even without assistance. Walking is an essential post-procedure routine in order to prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs.

During this time, it is also crucial that you follow every patient care instruction that your surgeon provides to you. During your recovery, you will most likely be advised to wear compression garments and take prescription antibiotics. Your surgeon may also provide you with instructions on how to take care of your drains, if any. The recovery time for breast augmentation varies for every individual. You can recovery quickly if you follow all instructions carefully.

Your first week

  • After two to five days, you may feel stiffness and soreness in the treated area.
  • After the procedure, you will be instructed to wear a supportive bra. Your surgical dressings may already be removed after a few days.
  • Taking a shower may be permitted in about a day to a week after surgery.
  • You can return to school or work within a couple of days to one week.
  • Your doctor may advise you to avoid activities that involve lifting, pushing, or pulling. Any strenuous activity could cause pain and discomfort.

After two to six weeks

Excessive physical routines and exercises should be avoided during this time after surgery. Over the next month, you should take extreme caution when engaging in physical activities. Intimate contact should be limited according to your level of comfort.

To learn more about breast augmentation and know how you can have a quick and easy recovery, set an appointment with Dr. Weinstein today by calling 908-879-2222 or filling out this online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Breasts, Buttocks and Boomers Redux

Our plastics surgeons are showing that we don’t get older, we just get better.

clintonsUS plastic surgeons reported this month that growing numbers of women in their 50s and 60s are opting for surgeries to augment these body parts for aesthetic reasons. Doctors say this is a big change because these procedures were largely the province of the young until recently. “There has been a cultural shift in the population that is saying this is something I want to do,” says Jack Fisher, president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a boomer who can empathise with his patients.

“I just turned 67… and I don’t feel 67,” he told me during a telephone interview. “I don’t feel much older than when I was 16.”

Dr Fisher says when he began practising three decades ago, candidates for aesthetic breast implants were almost all under age 40. Last year his group said 33,224 women aged 51 and older had their breasts enlarged surgically, almost 11 per cent of the total, up from 14,571, or 5 per cent of the total, a decade before. The number of women of 65 and older getting implants rose to 3,748 last year from 1,010 in 2003.

The trend is similar for buttock augmentations, which are less common in the US, but are gaining popularity (with women accounting for 98 per cent of the surgeries). Of the 11,527 people who had their posteriors padded last year, 1,220 were age 51 and over, and 300 of them were age 65 and over. By contrast, when Asaps began counting buttock augmentations in 2002, it could find only five recipients over 50 years old.

It’s easy to poke fun at these fountain-of-youth-seeking Ponce de Leons of plastic surgery. Let’s face it, when The Commodores sang the praises of curvaceous women in their 1970s hit “Brick House”, I doubt they anticipated major construction work continuing past retirement age.

But I see these women as symbols of a serious force in our public life – the forever young baby boomer getting back into the game.

One of the best recent examples comes from the sports world. Phil Jackson, who has won more championships than any other US professional basketball coach, came out of retirement this month at age 68 – he was born shortly after the war – to sign a five-year contract to serve as president of the long-suffering New York Knicks.

Mr Jackson isn’t what he used to be. The man known as the Zen Master – for practices that include encouraging his players to meditate – told reporters that he has had five surgeries in recent years for problems with his “knees and hips and other things”. But he jumped at the chance to heal the team where he began his career as a player – once the capitalists who own the club offered him $12m a year.

Another boomer who might be on her way back is Hillary Clinton. It’s no secret that the former US secretary of state has been thinking about tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow). The world wants to know whether she will press ahead with a second attempt at the presidency.

Age is an issue. Were she to win, she would be 69 on inauguration day, the second-oldest president to assume office after Ronald Reagan. According to The Wall Street Journal, some members of her inner circle wish Mrs Clinton would take it easy. They reportedly worry about how she will put up with the rigours of a campaign and the inevitable talk about her husband Bill’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

But from a boomer perspective, I suspect the focus on Mrs Clinton’s health and past unhappiness will only spur her to run for president. A campaign would be therapeutic in this context. She would get out and about, and meet new people.

Someone would play that song again – and Mrs Clinton could hear those comforting words at the end. “Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone,” it goes. “Don’t you look back.”

Read more: Breasts, Buttocks and Boomers Redux

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