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3 Benefits Proportional Breast Augmentation


breast augmentationTypically when people think of a woman getting breast augmentation surgery, imagery of a woman with a tiny frame tipping over due to oversized breasts often comes to mind. And although you can opt to get breasts that are fairly large for your frame, Dr. Larry Weinstein believes in the fact that more isn’t always more and relies heavily on the notion of proportional breast augmentation. Read on to learn more.

  • It’s More Natural

Not everyone wants breast implants that are noticeable. In fact, a large majority of women want to get breast implants that look more natural. Rather than jumping from an A cup to a D cup, Dr. Larry Weinstein’s proportional breast augmentation approach will jump you from an A cup to something more subtle like a B cup. Additionally, more natural looking breasts will give you the confidence that you desire to have perky and full breasts in a swimsuit without being the talk of the town for getting large breasts.

  • It’s More Comfortable

Jumping from a small sized breast to a larger one can and will likely make you feel sexier. However, research shows that women with larger breasts often suffer from things like back pain due to the extra weight and stress than large breasts can place on your body. As another reason to consider proportional breast augmentation, comfortability is a benefit that will last you a lifetime. Additionally, if you enjoy living a more active lifestyle, having breasts that are more proportional to your body will help you to enjoy your workouts without any added back strain or pain.

  • It’s More Suitable

If you naturally have a full C cup, then jumping to a D cup won’t seem like that big of a leap. However, if you naturally have a nearly A cup, then jumping to a D cup will be a very large leap that might not necessarily be suited to your body type. If you want to have breasts that are just a little fuller and perkier in a swimsuit or a tight dress, then getting a proportional breast augmentation done will be more suited to your body shape and size.

As you can see, there are several benefits of getting a proportional breast augmentation done. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Larry Weinstein, contact our office today and one of our experts will gladly assist you.

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