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Answers to Your Breast Reduction Surgery Questions 


Have you been considering breast reduction surgery? If so, you probably have a million questions you want answered. Before you go “under the knife,” do some personal research. Make sure surgery is the right answer for your issues. There are several reasons why a woman would choose to have breast reduction surgery and they include both cosmetic and medical reasons. Large breasts often cause a great deal of back pain as the spine struggles to hold the massive front weight on a woman’s body. This is the most common reason. Breast reduction surgery is also done to reverse implants and when a woman simply feels she is carrying too much up front.

breast reductionA common concern is that breast reduction surgery will cause cancer. The simple answer is that this type of surgery does not affect your risk of contracting cancer of any type. It doesn’t interfere with any treatments that might later be needed for any type of disease and will actually improve a woman’s experience when having a mammogram procedure done.

The tissue that is removed in this surgery is later examined under a microscope to see if there is any indication of cancer or other problems. Studies show that there is a slight decrease in risk of other types of cancer in women who have had breast reduction surgery.

You will want to discuss the financial side of your decision with your doctor. Check with your insurance to see if you can get any kind of help that way. If it is medically necessary because of strain on the spine, it is more likely to be covered.

You don’t have to worry about the size of your breasts growing back after surgery. As long as they were fully developed when the surgery was performed, they will not get larger again. This is barring any pregnancy or weight gain. In addition to this, you may need some help breast-feeding after reduction surgery. Keep the formula nearby to supplement your baby’s appetite.

No matter your decision or your current or future breast size, you should feel confident and at home in your own body. Breast reduction surgery can help with that.

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