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Can You Get Your Ears Pinned as an Adult?


ear surgeryOtoplasty, or ear pinning, is a surgical procedure in which the ears are pinned back in order to give you a sleeker looking appearance. As an elective, cosmetic procedure, getting your ears pinned is typically done for children around the ages of 6-18, however, if you are an adult who is self conscious about your ears and would like to have them cosmetically altered, Dr. Larry Weinstein can help. Read on to learn more.

As Long As You’re Healthy

Although otoplasty is typically done on children, adults can get this elective surgery done as well. As long as you’re healthy and in good shape, Dr. Larry Weinstein can conduct this surgery in order to give you the look, appearance, and confidence that you so want and desire.

Understanding Recovery

As an adult, you likely won’t have your mom and dad around to nurse you back to health after your surgery. That’s why it’s so important to understand the recovery process and all that it entails.

Once you are sent home from the hospital, you will be required to wear a bandage around your head and ears for at least a few days following surgery. This bandage is in place to help protect your sutures and to also apply pressure to the incision site until it heals properly on its own. Once you get approval to remove the bandage, you will be required to still take it easy and avoid things like contact sports, as they may exacerbate your incision site and cause you some sort of infection.

After surgery you will likely experience some sort of pain and will be prescribed a painkiller— either prescription or over-the-counter— in order to take that edge off and give you the ability to relax a little. Additionally, once you are in recovery it is recommended that you sleep with your pillow layered at a 30-degree angle in order to help alleviate any swelling that may occur after surgery.

Getting your ears pinned as an adult might be a little rare but is completely doable. If you are self conscious about your appearance due to your ear size, contact Dr. Larry Weinstein’s office to set up a consultation.


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