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Is otoplasty right for you?

beautiful young woman pointing finger to her earOtoplasty (also known as “ear reshaping surgery”) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can change the size or the shape of the ears or can “pin” the ears back. If your ears have always made you feel self-conscious, otoplasty can help!

Who should have ear reshaping surgery?

Ear reshaping can be done at any age, but for children it is typically done after the age of 3, when the ears are mostly grown. It can help ears that stick out too far and ears that are too large. Patients who have had some sort of trauma to the ears, such as cancer or an injury, or patients who were born with a birth defect may also benefit.

What is the procedure for otoplasty?

The procedure is performed with general anesthesia, is an outpatient procedure, and it typically takes less than 3 hours. Most patients are up and about within a few hours after the surgery, but strenuous activity should be avoided for a few weeks – adults should plan on missing 5 days of work and children will miss 7 days of school. Stitches will dissolve or can be removed in about a week, and because the incision is made on the back of the ear, any scarring will be hidden and will fade over time.

Most patients report there is little pain, which can be controlled with over-the-counter medication. You will have to wear bandages after the surgery and then later a lighter head dressing. There will also be some bruising and swelling, but once this reduces you will notice a change in your ears right away. There is a very low risk of complications with this procedure, and it won’t affect hearing.

When considering otoplasty, as with all other types of cosmetic procedures, it is important that you are in good health and that you have realistic expectations about your results.

With an otoplasty procedure, you won’t have to be self-conscious about your ears anymore! No more hiding them underneath your hair or a hat. Call Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey, for an otoplasty consultation today. Call (908) 879-2222 for an appointment!

3 Tips for Discussing An Otoplasty With Your Child

OtoplastyBeing a kid is hard enough as it is, but when you throw in something that involves your child’s appearance, it can make childhood that much more difficult. If your child’s ears protrude a bit too far off of their head or if they are more prominent than their other features, you may want to consider an otoplasty. Done on children of all ages, otoplasty is most commonly done on children around the age of three. As one of the most difficult parts of this procedure, explaining it to your young child can seem impossible. Luckily, we have created a few tips that you can use. Read on to learn more.

Emphasize Inner Beauty

If your child is three years old, they likely won’t remember much about getting an otoplasty. However, if they are a bit older, you want to make sure that you emphasize the fact that their inner beauty is more important than their outer beauty. Try to explain that although they are getting a cosmetic procedure done, they would be equally as beautiful with or without it— the last thing you want to do is make your child think that their self-esteem resides solely on their appearance.

Use Props to Explain

If you are trying to explain an otoplasty to a particularly young child, props might as well be your best friend. By using their favorite doll or stuffed animal, you can explain why they’re having surgery done, how the surgery will be done, and what recovery will be like. Remember to embrace questions after you are done explaining the operation. The more questions your child has, the better they will understand this procedure.

Address Their Fears

Going through surgery can be scary for an adult, but it can be ten times more scary for a child. To help your child feel calm before going into surgery, address their fears. For instance, explain to them that they won’t feel a thing and that when they wake up, you will be right there.

If your child has prominent ears that you think could benefit from an otoplasty, contact Dr. Larry Weinstein’s office today to schedule a consultation. To learn more about this procedure and more, visit our website.




Can You Get Your Ears Pinned as an Adult?

ear surgeryOtoplasty, or ear pinning, is a surgical procedure in which the ears are pinned back in order to give you a sleeker looking appearance. As an elective, cosmetic procedure, getting your ears pinned is typically done for children around the ages of 6-18, however, if you are an adult who is self conscious about your ears and would like to have them cosmetically altered, Dr. Larry Weinstein can help. Read on to learn more.

As Long As You’re Healthy

Although otoplasty is typically done on children, adults can get this elective surgery done as well. As long as you’re healthy and in good shape, Dr. Larry Weinstein can conduct this surgery in order to give you the look, appearance, and confidence that you so want and desire.

Understanding Recovery

As an adult, you likely won’t have your mom and dad around to nurse you back to health after your surgery. That’s why it’s so important to understand the recovery process and all that it entails.

Once you are sent home from the hospital, you will be required to wear a bandage around your head and ears for at least a few days following surgery. This bandage is in place to help protect your sutures and to also apply pressure to the incision site until it heals properly on its own. Once you get approval to remove the bandage, you will be required to still take it easy and avoid things like contact sports, as they may exacerbate your incision site and cause you some sort of infection.

After surgery you will likely experience some sort of pain and will be prescribed a painkiller— either prescription or over-the-counter— in order to take that edge off and give you the ability to relax a little. Additionally, once you are in recovery it is recommended that you sleep with your pillow layered at a 30-degree angle in order to help alleviate any swelling that may occur after surgery.

Getting your ears pinned as an adult might be a little rare but is completely doable. If you are self conscious about your appearance due to your ear size, contact Dr. Larry Weinstein’s office to set up a consultation.


Early Otoplasty Can Make a Difference!

earsurg1In the world we live in today, it is unfortunate that society seeks perfection in every individual. Hollywood hotshots and celebrities on TV lead us to believe that there is such a thing, and when some people do not meet our ideals, it would be so easy for us to defame them. While adults may easily shrug the discrimination off, children find it hard to do so. This is why early otoplasty is important.

Addressing Projection of the Ears

Although it is not a physical defect or something that could affect our health, excessive projection in the ears is oftentimes considered an abnormality in the society we are in. Because of this, even mild protruding of the ears can greatly affect one’s perception of his physical appearance, leading to a reduction of self-image and self-esteem. Otoplasty is the surgical treatment to reduce ear projection, making ears look more pleasing.

Early Otoplasty Reaps Best Results

While otoplasty can be done both on adults and children, the young ones are able to benefit more from the procedure since they have softer cartilage which is more compliant to the treatment. Although an otoplasty is an elective procedure, which means that it is not actually required, parents and teachers of the child may notice a decline in the child’s self-worth, making them realize the importance of an ear correction procedure.

Improving a Child’s Quality of Life

Correcting prominent ears will not only improve the physical structure of the ears, but it will also improve the overall quality of life of a child who is often teased because of his or her appearance. Peer ridicule is common during childhood, and oftentimes it worsens once a child has an “abnormality” in his or her body. Otoplasty at a young age cannot only “normalize” the child’s ears, but it is also a way of providing your child a future he or she could face with more confidence.

Otoplasty in New Jersey

Face life with confidence from now on! Call us at 908-879-2222 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weinstein and know how you or your child can benefit from otoplasty.

Otoplasty with Dr. Weinstein: Here’s What to Expect!

What to expect regarding OtoplastySome individuals may be dissatisfied with how their ears look; it could be their size, shape or orientation. They may have obviously misshapen, protruding or abnormally large ears. Dr. Larry Weinstein caters to men, women, children who would like to improve the appearance of their ears through a New Jersey otoplasty.

During the Procedure
An otoplasty could last for 1 to 3 hours. Youngsters are often placed under general anesthesia while adults are often placed under a local anesthetic coupled with a sedative.

The incision is often made behind the ears, exposing the cartilage and later repositioned depending on the desired appearance. The incision is typically closed down with non-removable sutures or stitches. Otoplasty could be either unilateral or bilateral.

Otoplasty Recovery
On a whole, it will most likely take about a week to be able to recover from otoplasty surgery. During the first few days, you will be instructed to consistently wear a bandage around your head. This will ensure that ears are healed in their new position.

To arrange your initial consultation with Dr. Weinstein and learn more about facial fillers in New Jersey, get in touch with us at our Chester Clinic by calling us at (908)879.2222 or by filling out this contact form. Make an appointment today and experience the life changing effects of plastic surgery!

Otoplasty New Jersey

Boys and girls from childhood up through adolescence and all the way into adulthood can suffer the teasing taunts of peers due to ears that are prominent, large, or stick out far from the sides of the head. This can cause damage to their self-esteem and confidence which can effect the rest of their lives. Dr. Weinstein has helped countless boys, girls, men and women achieve more normal, proportionate ears with Otoplasty.

Otoplasty, also known as Ear Surgery, is a procedure in which the ears are pinned back and excess cartilage is removed. The incisions for the procedure are made behind the ears to minimize any potential scars. Children as young as 4 may be a candidate for this procedure which generally lasts around 2 hours. Learn more about Otoplasty and schedule an appointment with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Wienstein, to find out if Otoplasty is right for you or your child.

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