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What Is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, also known as “blepharoplasty,” can drastically change the way you look – it can make you look and feel younger. But there are also medical reasons that blepharoplasty may be performed – read on for some blepharoplasty basics.  

What happens during blepharoplasty?

This kind of surgery can be done on the lower eyelids, the upper eyelids, or both. It targets many of the issues that can make you look older than you are. It can remove excess skin and wrinkles, loose or sagging skin, and fat that can make the eyelids look puffy and can make it look like you have “bags” under the eyes. Some patients may have eyelid surgery done along with a brow lift or another procedure.


While blepharoplasty is a great way to make dramatic cosmetic changes, it can also be done for an important medical purpose – some people with excess skin around the eyes may find it difficult to see properly. This can be annoying and dangerous, and eventually it can cause functional problems with the eyelids. 

The procedure typically takes less than 2 hours, and can be done on an outpatient basis. Medication to numb the eyelid area will be injected and an incision made so that the doctor can tighten muscles and remove excess skin and fat. Fine sutures will be used to close the incision. 

What to expect after blepharoplasty

You may have some swelling, bruising, and pain, but ice packs and over-the-counter medication can help. You should avoid strenuous activity, smoking, and rubbing your eyes for at least a week after the procedure. You should not wear contact lenses for about 2 weeks, and you should make sure to wear dark sunglasses to protect your eyes from both wind and sun. You will be able to return to work within a few days. 

Your eyes say a lot about you – eyelid surgery can help to make sure they are saying what you want them to. Whether you want blepharoplasty for cosmetic or medical reasons, the staff at Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey, can help. Call (908) 879-2222 for an appointment today!

Eyelid surgery explained

If your eyes are making you look more tired and older than you actually are, then you may have considered your options for rejuvenation, including eyelid surgery. How do you know if you’re a candidate? Read on to learn all about eyelid surgery and why it’s such a popular procedure.

Candidates for surgery

The best candidates for surgery are physically healthy, are in a good frame of mind and have realistic expectations. Many people over the age of 35 could benefit from eyelid surgery.

Why get surgery?

The eyes are the first place on your face to show signs of aging. The eyelids can age faster over time due to sun exposure and environmental factors. The muscles weaken, the eyelid skin stretches, and fat accumulates around the eyes.

Eyelid surgery is also called blepharoplasty and eye lift. During this surgery, Dr. Weinstein removes excess skin, fat or muscle from the areas around the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both. The lower eyelid blepharoplasty reduces eye bags and smooths out the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty consists of removing fat deposits and excess skin from the upper eyelid. Many patients need both upper and lower eyelid surgeries to address their concerns.

Aesthetic and functional benefits

There are many benefits to eyelid surgery. Improving the appearance of the eyes through eyelid surgery can make your overall appearance look more youthful and radiant, improving confidence. Often, eyelid surgery involves removing excess skin from the upper eyelid that droops over the eyes, improving vision.

Incisions are nearly invisible

The beauty of eyelid surgery is that incisions are small and remaining scars can be easily hidden within the natural creases of the eye and eyelid. This is one reason why eyelid surgery is so popular. During upper eyelid surgery, small incisions are made in the natural crease of the eyelids. For lower eyelid surgery, incisions are made below the lashes in the lower lid. Once Dr. Weinstein is done, he closes the incisions with very fine sutures.

Eyelid surgery helps you look more alert and youthful, and results will last for several years. To see if you are a candidate for surgery, call our office today at (908) 879-2222 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weinstein.

Keep Those Peepers Beautiful

image-eyelidOur eyes might just be small facial parts, but they are the windows of our souls. They can also affect our overall appearance. Drooping eyelids do not only make you look tired, but they could also make you look several years older. Here at our New Jersey plastic surgery practice, we get a lot of patients who wish to look more alert through eyelid surgery.

An eyelid surgery, also known as an eyelid tuck or blepharoplasty, is one option to choose to help you with your peeper problems. However, it does not end the moment the procedure is done. Your recovery, as well as the outcome of the treatment, will greatly depend on how you take care of yourself after surgery.

Daily care after eyelid surgery

  1. Apply eye drops in each of your eyes as advised by your doctor.
  2. Using a Q-tip, apply an antibiotic ointment over your suture lines as advised by the plastic surgeon.
  3. Keep the eye moist at night by applying a small amount of lubricant.
  4. Showering can be resumed after two days. Make sure to use a gentle shampoo to avoid irritating your surgical wounds.
  5. Any unusual signs of bleeding, especially if it persists after 10 minutes despite applying direct pressure, must be reported immediately to your physician. Do so as well in cases of pain, infection, redness, unusual drainage, and fever.

What not to do after your eyelid surgery

  1. Avoid reading or watching TV for three days.
  2. No heavy lifting for three weeks.
  3. For two weeks, avoid tweezing or plucking your eyebrows.
  4. You may already wear your glasses after a day. In the case of contacts, you have to wait for two weeks before you can put them on again.
  5. Delay coloring your hair for four weeks after the treatment.
  6. To be safe, avoid driving for one to two weeks after your eyelid surgery.
  7. Avoid putting on eye shadow, false lashes, and makeup altogether for the next 10 days.

For more information on blepharoplasty, request a personal consultation with Dr. Weinstein today by calling 908-879-2222. You may also fill out this online form to contact Dr. Weinstein. Dr. Weinstein is a qualified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in eyelid surgery and can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We look forward to hearing from you!


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