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How to Minimize Scarring After Surgery

Minimize Scarring Morristown, NJ

Whether you are getting a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, or breast augmentation, it’s safe to say that the last thing that you want to end up with is a bunch of scars. Even though you will likely have at least some amount of scarring after surgery, there are a few ways that you can minimize how severe they are, but how?

Avoid the Sun

The sun is basically your skin’s worst nightmare; especially when you want to avoid scarring. The sun will naturally darken your scars and make them more pigmented which can be hard to get rid of. While your skin is healing, make sure to avoid any direct sun contact. Additionally, if you do expose your scar to the sun later on, make sure that you apply a lot of sunscreen over it to prevent it from darkening.

Don’t Pick

The difficult thing about scars is that they itch while they are healing. Even though you may be tempted scratch your scars because they are itchy, it’s the last thing that you want to do. If you pick at your scars, it can interrupt the healing process which can make them a lot more visible.

Try Keeping It Moisturized

Another thing that you can do is keep your scar as moisturized as possible. As your skin is healing, if it dries out, it may cause the skin to crack which can increase the visibility of your scar. By keeping it moisturized, however, you can help to reduce the appearance of your scar while also avoiding any itchiness.

To learn more about how you can prevent scarring, contact us at our Chester office and call us at 908-879-2222.

3 Ways to Deal with Post-Surgery Scarring

For plastic surgeries, whether it be a liposuction, face lift, breast implant, or even a scar fix there is potential for scarring. Professional surgeons minimize the visibility of scarring, and there are some things you can do as well.

  1. Minimize Exposure
    While your body will take care of itself and heal its wounds, if can leave blemishes. To help your body heal well,post surgery scarring limit the following:
  • Sunlight
  • Dryness
  • Skin tension
  • Excessive movement

Healing skin is especially vulnerable to UV rays and will discolor differently than the healthy skin around it. Dryness and scabbing are also another conductor for scarring – moisturize your scar with Vaseline or lotion that’s been approved by your doctor.

If you stretch the skin around your wound, you open up the possibility to expanding the wound itself. Try to keep your healing skin as relaxed as possible. This includes not moving too much because if you jolt the skin unintentionally, you can open the wound further.

2. Obey Your Doctor

After your procedure, you will be given instructions and advice about recovery. Obey the rules the Dr. gives you! They telling you these things to help you heal.

Treat your wounds according to your doctor’s instructions. Cover your incisions with Vaseline and bandages. Apply pressure to your wounds as directed by your doctor.

Talk to your doctor about what you should do if you are concerned about visible scarring.

3. Embrace Your Scars

The scars on your body tell the tales of your most trying moments. We’ve only begun to remove scars very recently – for thousands of years, scars have been markers of personal achievement or failure.

Despite your best efforts, scars rarely disappear completely. Let your scars remind you of the choices you made and let them be conversation starters.

Don’t let scars affect your body image. If you chose to have plastic surgery, then you already made the choice to love yourself and do what you can to boost your confidence. Scars show that you have healed, overcome, and moved on.

If you’re concerned about scarring after your surgery, be sure to talk with your doctor at your first consultation. Dr. Weinstein can give you advice and share from his experience. Call 908-879-2222 to schedule an appointment and learn more about plastic surgeries and dealing with potential scarring.

Plastic Surgery – Miracles Do Happen Here!

Plastic Surgery – Miracles Do Happen Here!

Everyone wants to look attractive and striking. But sometimes, a natural deformity or undesirable feature makes us feel self-conscious, or worse, insecure on a daily basis. The Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center provides popular solutions to various concerns regarding physical appearance.

Plastic Surgery

Major areas addressed by plastic surgery include:

  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Body Procedures
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Facelifts & Fillers

The intensity and the depth of the incision applied during surgery depend upon the specific type of procedure being carried out. Similarly, recovery periods vary from patient to patient. Post-surgical care and maintenance is crucial to the success of plastic surgery procedures.

Call us today at 908-879-2222 for more information.

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