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Deciding on the Right Breast Size for Your Breast Augmentation


Have you always wished you had a bigger chest? When it comes time to discussing the actual breast augmentation procedure with your doctor, you’ll need to have a more specific idea of what “bigger” means to you. What size of an implant do you really want, and how do you decide what would look best?

Choosing the right size implant

The first thing to keep in mind, when you decide to have a breast augmentation procedure and when trying to decide what size you would like, is that it is your decision and no one else’s – you should be doing this for you and no one else!

Here are some tips that might help you decide what size is right for you:

1. Dr. Weinstein and his staff are here to help. After years of doing breast augmentation surgeries, they have a pretty good idea of what size implants might be right for your body type and which might be too large. You’ll also be able to try out different sizes and shapes of implants in the office by placing them under a tight fitting sport bra. The final decision is, of course, yours, but taking advantage of their expertise is a great place to start.

2. Think about what you hope to achieve. Maybe you are concerned that your breasts have lost elasticity and shape. If this is the case, you might not want implants at all – a breast lift may address your concerns. This is why it is important to determine what outcome you hope to achieve with a breast procedure and to discuss this with your doctor.

3. Take advantage of technology. The Vectra 3D imaging system, available at Dr. Weinstein’s office, uses pictures of you to create images of what you may look like after surgery. You’ll be able to easily see what you’d look like with different sizes of implants.

The staff at the Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center has the expertise to help you when you are trying to make the right decision about your breast augmentation procedure. Call the office in Chester, New Jersey, at (908) 879-2222, for a consultation today!

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