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How to Know When It’s Time for New Breast Implants


Breast implants are the most popular plastic surgery option that patients choose to undergo. Not only can you lift and tighten your breasts but you can get a fuller look as well. If you already have breast implants and are wondering when and if they need to be redone, read this article to learn more about specific signs and symptoms to look for.

The Average Time-Frame
Breast implants typically last anywhere from 10-15 years and need to be replaced sooner if things like a rupture has occurred or if massive amounts of scar tissue have started to build up around the actual implant.

What Type of Implants Do You Have?

breast implantsSilicone Implants
When the breast implants are older, they will often times get a leak or hole in the actual implant— causing silicone to leak into your body and the implants themselves to deflate. If you have silicone implants, you will likely not know right away when you need to have your breast implants redone. Because silicone is a thicker substance, it takes longer for it to leak into your body and could even take a month until you notice that you have a problem. Some people in the past were concerned about the safety implications of silicone implants popping, however, new technology for silicone implants has ensured that the silicone will in fact be absorbed by your body. The look of a deflated implant is very obvious and you will want to get in to see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Saline Implants
The great thing about saline implants is that you will know right away if your implant has a leak or has popped. Because saline implants are made out of salt water, if they get a hole in them they are immediately absorbed by the body. Another great thing about saline implants is that they can’t cause any harm to your body if they rupture.

As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to get an x-ray conducted on your breast implants after you reach the 10 year mark— this will help your doctor determine if and when you might need to have your implants redone.

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