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Which breast implant option is best for me?

Even though breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, the decision go undergo surgery is a highly personal one. There are many decisions to make, including the size, shape and type of implant used. Read on to learn more about the differences in implant types.

Saline implants

Saline breast implants consist of a silicone outer shell filled with sterile salt water. These implants offer a lot of flexibility as they aren’t filled until they are inserted into the breast implant pocket. The surgeon has the flexibility with size, and they require smaller incisions than silicone implants. FDA-approved for augmentation in women age 18 or older, saline implants provide a uniform shape and feel. If they leak, the implant will collapse and the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body. You will know when a saline implant has ruptured.

Silicone implants

The most popular implant option, silicone gel implants are filled with silicone gel. FDA-approved for augmentation in women age 22 or older, these are popular because the gel feels more like natural breast tissue. If the implant ruptures, however, the gel may stay in the shell or escape into the breast implant pocket. Since it won’t collapse, you will need to see Dr. Weinstein regularly to make sure the implants have remained intact. An ultrasound or MRI may be used to assess the condition of the implants.

Gummy bear implants

As the name implies, gummy bear implants are “no-drip” implants that maintain their shape even if the shell of the implant has ruptured. The silicone gel inside a gummy bear implant is thicker than traditional silicone gel implants, providing a firmer implant. Gummy bear implants are tapered at the top and have more projection at the bottom. These implants require a slightly longer incision in the skin for placement.

Breast augmentation can be a life-changing surgery and give you the larger, firmer breasts you desire. To learn more, call our office today at (908) 879-2222 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weinstein.

Why You Should Say Yes to New Breasts For Christmas

Breast Augmentation Chester NJRather than waiting for Santa Clause to sneak down your chimney and gift you with something that you may or may not use, why not give yourself a gift that you know you are going to enjoy? Here at Dr. Larry Weinstein’s office, we specialize in a variety of surgical treatments including breast augmentations to help give you larger, firmer, and perkier breasts. This year, before you let Santa decide what he’s going to give you, we have created a list of reasons why you should say yes to new breasts for Christmas.


Even though looks aren’t everything, there is something to say about being confident in the skin you’re in. Oftentimes, women want to get larger breasts as a way to add to their confidence while wearing form-fitting clothing or a swimsuit. If you find yourself feeling a little self-conscious about your breasts when you are in revealing clothing or swimwear, then a breast augmentation may be able to help.

Better Physical Appearance

If you have small, deflated, or asymmetrical breasts then a breast augmentation can help solve all of these issues. During a breast augmentation, Dr. Weinstein will work to give you perkier, larger, and symmetrical breasts so that you can feel better about your physical appearance.

You’ve Always Wanted It

There is no better time than the present to get what you want. If you have been putting off getting a breast augmentation for whatever reason, then make this year the year that you pull the trigger. If you are worried about financing, talk to our office about our financing options to see if we have a payment plan that will fit you and your lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about whether or not a breast augmentation is right for you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Weinstein at our Chester office and call us today at 908-879-2222.

How to Decide on What Breast Implant Size Is Right For You

Breast Implant Chester, NIThe trickiest part of getting a breast augmentation for most people is deciding to get one at all. The second trickiest part? Deciding what size of implant to get. Although Dr. Larry Weinstein can help you with the decision-making process, it’s ultimately your call. So, how can you decide on what implant size is right for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Think of Your Areas of Concern

Your reason to get a breast augmentation may be entirely different than the patient before you. For some women, they want larger breasts, for other women, they just want breasts that are more symmetrical. Before deciding on what size of implant you want to get, make sure to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? What results am I hoping to achieve?” Although those questions may sound simple, they may go a long way.

Basic Measurements

During your initial consultation either one of our nurses or Dr. Larry Weinstein himself will take measurements of your chest which will help us to determine what sizes of implants may be too large for your frame and which ones are okay to go with. By taking a look at your anatomical structure, it will ensure that you have proportionate results.

Vectra 3D Imaging

With our Vectra 3D imaging system, we take the guessing game out of the equation for most of our patients. With our unique 3D simulation technology, we can upload a picture of your current size breasts and recreate the same image with different sizes of breasts— leaving you with the ability to see what your results will look like afterward.

It can be stressful trying to decide what size of breast implants are right for you. However, it is one of our top goals to ensure that you get results that you are 100% satisfied with. Want to learn more about breast augmentation surgery? Schedule a consultation with our Chester office today!

How to Know When It’s Time for New Breast Implants

Breast implants are the most popular plastic surgery option that patients choose to undergo. Not only can you lift and tighten your breasts but you can get a fuller look as well. If you already have breast implants and are wondering when and if they need to be redone, read this article to learn more about specific signs and symptoms to look for.

The Average Time-Frame
Breast implants typically last anywhere from 10-15 years and need to be replaced sooner if things like a rupture has occurred or if massive amounts of scar tissue have started to build up around the actual implant.

What Type of Implants Do You Have?

breast implantsSilicone Implants
When the breast implants are older, they will often times get a leak or hole in the actual implant— causing silicone to leak into your body and the implants themselves to deflate. If you have silicone implants, you will likely not know right away when you need to have your breast implants redone. Because silicone is a thicker substance, it takes longer for it to leak into your body and could even take a month until you notice that you have a problem. Some people in the past were concerned about the safety implications of silicone implants popping, however, new technology for silicone implants has ensured that the silicone will in fact be absorbed by your body. The look of a deflated implant is very obvious and you will want to get in to see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Saline Implants
The great thing about saline implants is that you will know right away if your implant has a leak or has popped. Because saline implants are made out of salt water, if they get a hole in them they are immediately absorbed by the body. Another great thing about saline implants is that they can’t cause any harm to your body if they rupture.

As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to get an x-ray conducted on your breast implants after you reach the 10 year mark— this will help your doctor determine if and when you might need to have your implants redone.

To learn more about breast enhancement surgery, contact our office today!

A More Natural Look and Appearance: Picking the Right Breast Implant

We’ve all heard of the different breast implant options and heard horror stories of silicone breast implants exploding in the mid ninenties and causing serious infections in women everywhere. However, with medical advancement, silicone implants are safer than ever. And with a new gummy-bear breast implant on the market, there is now a third option for you to choose from.

Filled with silicone gel, silicone implants are known to both look and feel more natural than saline implants. As an FDA approved solution to fuller breasts, silicone implants can either be surgically placed under or over the breast muscle, depending on the preference of both you and your surgeon.

Breast implantsAlthough silicone implants are safe and shouldn’t have any leaks, it is still recommended that you visit your doctor on a fairly regular basis to make sure that the implants are still in a healthy and working order.

Also, as an FDA approved type of implant, saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater. Also placed either either under or over the breast muscle, saline implants will give you the appearance of larger and fuller looking breasts.

The best thing about saline implants is that if they were to explode or leak, the body would naturally be able to expell of the saline solution and you wouldn’t have to be worried about any sort of contamination or illness.

Gummy Bear
Yes, gummy bears are all of our favorite childhood snack, but they aren’t just a candy. As the newest available implant option on the market, gummy bear implants have a thicker silicone gel that is thought to be less likely to break and more durable— thus giving it the name of “gummy bear.”

Instead of being round like other implants, gummy bear implants are shaped to give a fuller appearance at the bottom of the implant. However, if somehow moved, these implants can give you awkward looking breasts.

With these three options of breast implants to choose from and with the help of your doctor, you can have fuller and perkier breasts in no time.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

Are you Ready for Breast Implants?

Have you been considering getting breast implants and wondering whether or not you are ready for them? It is important to measure whether you are getting the breast implants because you want to or because you think that this is what society wants. This is why you need to examine why you really want breast implants.

For many women, breast implants are a way to make them look as they feel on the inside. Other women look at breast implants as a way to look more attractive. There are even women who get breast implants as a way to look more feminine for their job or career. The idea as to why you want breast implants is something that has to be examined thoroughly.

Along with the reasons why you are getting breast implants, the surgeon also needs to examine what your expectations are for these breast implants. Many women have expectations that are not possible with a single breast implant surgery. Instead, it may take a few different surgeries to achieve results, and patients need to understand this.Breast Implants in New Jersey

Last of all, look at what your options are with breast implants and which is going to be best for you. If you take the time to look at your breast implant options, and then make a decision based on research, you are showing that you are making this decision in a way that is mature. This maturity level shows that you did your homework and are ready to make this decision about breast implants with a clear mind and level head.

So are you ready for breast implants? If you feel as though you are, then you need to make an appointment to talk with us to determine if the ideals you have about breast implants are something that we can make happen. Being prepared for this surgery is something that is going to make the recovery time and your happiness with the surgery even better.

Plastic Surgery Trends 2013: Silicone Breast Implants Becoming More Popular

Plastic surgery trends 2013 Silicon breast implants becoming more popularA recent report in The Wall Street Journal revealed that the use of silicone in breast augmentation has grown exponentially over the years since its re-approval by the FDA 6 years ago. In 2012, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that 72 percent of all breast augmentation cases in the country employed silicone implants. For residents of New Jersey and New York Metro area, Dr. Larry Weinstein is their trusted New Jersey breast augmentation surgeon using silicone implants.

New Silicone Implant Approved
As of February 20, 2013, the Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Gel Filled Breast Implant is officially approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for breast augmentation and reconstruction. Natrelle, the 4th silicone implant approved by FDA, is currently manufactured by Allergan, Inc.

According to its manufacturer, the Natrelle implants contain more cross-linking (more bonds linking one silicone chain to the other) than its earlier counterparts, thus making the newly-approved implant firmer. The FDA approval was a result of a series of studies for 7 years which looked at 941 women using Natrelle 410 implants.

Significant Improvement Over the Years
The report further stated that the implants are very useful in breast reconstructions surgeries, particularly following a single-side mastectomy when there is a need to match the original shape of the patient’s remaining breast tissues.

To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Weinstein concerning silicone implants, get in touch with us at our Chester Clinic by calling us at (908)879.2222 or by filling out this contact form. Make an appointment today and experience the life changing effects of plastic surgery!

Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Breast reconstruction Weinstein Plastic Surgery CenterBreast reconstruction amongst women is typically used for women who have undergone a mastectomy — removal of the breast. Dr. Larry Weinstein performs a New Jersey breast reconstruction procedure either through breast implants or the woman’s own tissue, fat, and muscle.

Round vs. Shaped Implants
When it comes to breast reconstruction via implants, a recent survey revealed that outcomes are quite similar amongst women who had reconstruction via two types of implant shapes: round and the “anatomically shaped” implants. The results of the survey were recently published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal. The researchers surveyed and evaluated patient outcomes in women who had breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer. The reconstructions were done with round implants amongst 65 women while 63 women had reconstruction with the anatomically shaped implants.

Utilizing the standardized Breast-Q questionnaire, data was collected between one to four years after the reconstruction procedure. The questionnaire evaluated several areas of life satisfaction like the overall outcome of the procedure, physical, psychosocial, and spiritual well-being.

The results of the survey revealed that on a 100-point scale, the average satisfaction score for the overall outcome of the procedure itself was 75 for those with round implants and 77 for shaped implants. As to the appearance of their breasts, the two groups scored at roughly 64.

Breast Reconstruction in New Jersey

If you are considering a New Jersey breast reconstruction, you have the following options with Dr. Weinstein:

Breast Implants – you can choose either saline or silicone implants for the reconstruction. Some women are ideal for one-stage reconstruction while others may prefer to have it done in two phases.

TRAM Flap Surgery – you can opt to have your own muscle and tissue taken from the lower abdominal area to help reconstruct your breasts.

Latissimus Flap Surgery – the technique is similar to that of TRAM Flap but the muscle and tissues used are the ones from the one located beneath the armpit and diagonally across the back.

To arrange your initial consultation with Dr. Weinstein and learn more about breast reconstruction techniques as well as their corresponding pros and cons, get in touch with us at our Chester Clinic by calling us at (908)879.2222 or by filling out this contact form. Make an appointment today and experience the life changing effects of plastic surgery!

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