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How to Prepare for a New Jersey Facelift


Like almost all types of surgery, preparation is the key to achieving desired outcomes in a New Jersey facelift with Dr. Larry Weinstein. If you’re interested in having this type of facial procedure, you do not have to radically change your lifestyle. Read on below for a definitive guide to preparing for a facelift.

Initial Consultation

During your initial visit with Dr. Weinstein, a careful discussion of your desires, goals and expectations will ensue. Also, your medical background will be thoroughly checked; Dr. Weinstein will see to it that any previous illnesses or condition will not impede the outcome of the procedure nor put you at risk. A careful examination of your face including its texture, elasticity, skin tone and bone structure will be done as part of the initial assessment and preparation.

Preparation at Home

Your movements may be restricted after surgery. Thus, it is important for you to do the necessary home preparations for convenience during recovery. Home preparation could include:

— putting things that you will most likely need within reach
— having loose clothes to hand to make sure that the bandages are not accidentally removed upon dressing
— having enough food supply and having someone around to help out in the kitchen, laundry and other household chores

Skin Care Regimen

A skin care regimen different from your usual routine may be prescribed. Your new regimen should make sure that your skin is fully moisturized. To maximize the effects of the procedure, prescribed skin care products may include those which contain retinol, antioxidants and moisturizing properties. Sun protection is also essential around this time.

Weight Loss

If you’ve been planning about losing weight, you might want to shed the extra pounds before getting a facelift. Sagging skin which results from a massive weight loss will be removed during your facelift with Dr. Weinstein. A lower facelift will even provide you with better results when fat deposits are obvious on the lower portion of your face such as a double chin.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking will most likely result to bleeding problems during and after the procedure. Tissue death (necrosis) on the operated area has also been associated with smoking patients after recovery. The lesser cigarette puffs you do, the greater the likelihood of shorter recovery.

For more information on how to prepare for a New Jersey facelift and other facial procedures, get in touch with Dr. Weinstein as soon as you can!

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