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Your Facelift Recovery

Young adult woman in black clothes dress portrait.If you have a facelift procedure scheduled, or if you are just considering it at this point, you should know that there will be some time needed for recovery afterward and there will be some side effects. One of the most common (albeit temporary) side effects of a facelift is swelling – read on for some information on dealing with this problem.

What Happens During a Facelift?

A facelift is performed with local anesthesia and a sedative, so that you will not feel any pain, but you will be relaxed and awake. It can take several hours – fat is trimmed or removed, the underlying muscles are tightened, and excess skin is trimmed and sutured back into place. Your head will be wrapped in bandages to minimize bruising and swelling.

You may be given prescription medication to control any discomfort, and your skin may be numb. This is normal and will go away after a few weeks. You should rest and relax for at least a week after the procedure, but you should be able to get up and move around within a day or two.

What Can You Do About Facelift Swelling?

Swelling after a facelift procedure is very common, but it can be uncomfortable, and it can also be discouraging when you are anxious to see the results of your surgery. The amount of swelling you have can depend on factors such as your overall health and the type of facelift performed. You should make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for recovery, and to reduce swelling try:

  • Avoiding excess sodium
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Applying cold compresses
  • Keeping your head elevated, including while sleeping
  • Avoiding bending over
  • Avoiding activity that may make you become overheated

Your skin may also feel dry after your facelift. You should use a moisturizer, and make sure to wear sunscreen when you go outside.

A facelift procedure will give you a youthful, rejuvenated, refreshed look, although you will need to take some time to recover. Contact the Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey, to discuss what a facelift can do for you. Call (908) 879-2222 for an appointment today!

Should You Consider a Facelift After Weight Loss?

You have worked hard and have lost a lot of weight after years of eating a healthy diet and hitting the gym three times a week. But, unfortunately, the battle may not be over. When we lose fat, the skin still remains, and it can affect your face in ways that might even make you regret losing weight. A facelift may be the next step to consider!

Why Consider a Facelift?

After all of the hard work you have done and the positive changes you have made, it doesn’t quite seem fair that now you are left with some unwanted effects. Here’s what a facelift can do for you.

Younger people have elasticity to their skin and it promptly snaps back into place after a lot of weight has been lost. However, as we age we lose that elasticity, and weight loss can result in sagging skin and deep folds in the face. Your mouth may look permanently downturned because of this sagging, and it may also make you look like you are always tired. You may also notice a double chin, drooping jowls, and a “turkey neck.”

A facelift can be performed as an outpatient procedure, and it can be performed at any age as long as you are in good health. Your surgeon will remove that excess skin, tighten the underlying muscles, and reset the skin at a higher level. Liposuction may be performed to get rid of excess fat. You may want to combine a facelift with a brow lift, nose reshaping, fillers, or eyelid surgery — you and your surgeon can discuss your options and what combination of procedures might be right for you.

You deserve to celebrate all of your hard work and your weight loss, but you also deserve to look as good as you feel. If you feel like your skin is droopy and saggy after your weight loss, a facelift may be the answer – it will give you natural-looking results that will keep you looking young and healthy for years. Contact Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey, for a facelift consultation. Call (908) 879-2222 for an appointment today!

Now Is the Perfect Time for a Facelift

Woman beautiful face healthy skin care natural beautyYou may have been thinking about getting a facelift, but maybe you can’t decide for sure. After all, it is a surgical procedure and therefore a serious decision. However, there are many good reasons to go ahead and schedule that facelift now – here are just a few!

4 reasons why now is the time for a facelift

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting plastic surgery, and of course, ultimately, it is all up to you. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Facelifts look very natural. You may be concerned that after you get a facelift you’ll have stretched out skin that just doesn’t look right and that everyone will be able to tell you’ve had a facelift. However, facelift techniques have come a long way – plus, when you have a skilled surgeon, the only thing people will notice is that you look younger and refreshed.

2. A facelift can help to turn back the clock. You can take great care of yourself by eating right, staying out of the sun, and using skincare products, but most of us will see some signs of aging eventually no matter what we do. A facelift can help, by removing fat in the face and jowls and tightening sagging skin, which can make a world of difference!

3. It can also remove wrinkles. Besides tightening up sagging tissue, a facelift can help to smooth out those deep wrinkles that won’t go away with just face creams and serums.

4. Other procedures can be done when you have your facelift. It is the perfect time to also have a forehead lift, work on your nose, eyelid surgery, or fillers. Your doctor can help you to decide which procedures will go together best so that you can get the results you want.

A facelift can make you look and feel younger, and it can also help to give you a confidence boost. If you still can’t decide if a facelift is right for you, call the Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center in Chester, New Jersey, to discuss the procedure and to have your questions answered. Call (908) 879-2222 today for an appointment!

Face the Facts: 5 Facts About Facelifts

Breaking Down Facts and Fiction About Facelifts

Facelift New JerseyHave you considered getting a facelift but heard some stories that have made you apprehensive? The media and specifically some Hollywood celebrities have given facelifts a bad reputation. We’re here to debunk some of those common misconceptions and tell you the real deal.

  1. Facelifts make your face look fake

The media loves to show us botched plastic surgeries or nightmare facelift results on Hollywood celebrities. However, this isn’t typical for most surgeries and those cases tend to be a result of a celebrity wanting a dramatic look against their surgeon’s advice. Truthfully, a properly performed facelift by a board-approved surgeon should never make you look unlike yourself. Your results should be subtle and make you look like a fresher, younger version of yourself, not someone else.

  1. Botox does the same thing

While Botox and other injectables can achieve incredible results, they are no substitute for a facelift. Botox is primarily used for smaller wrinkles like crow’s feet around your eyes. Botox cannot do anything about sagging skin or loss of muscle tone. Facelifts, however, can address both of those concerns. Facelifts also end up looking more natural than Botox which just tends to fill in the lines in your face.

  1. Facelifts are just for old people

Advanced age is not a requirement to qualify for a facelift procedure. Younger people are becoming more interested in anti-aging procedures to maintain their youthful appearance before it starts to fade. In the long run, this means there’s potentially less work involved for the surgeon to provide desired results.

  1. Facelifts are only for women

Aging knows no gender. Men are becoming more and more comfortable seeking surgical options to combat signs of aging.

  1. Recovery is extremely long and painful

Previously, the facelift recovery process actually was long and painful, taking around 6 to 8 weeks to fully recover. Today, however, thanks to breakthroughs in techniques and technology recovery is much less painful and is much shorter. If you follow your doctor’s directions, you should be able to enjoy your younger-looking face after a couple weeks.

We hope that these facts have helped ease some of your fears about facelift procedures. If you have more questions or would like to schedule a consultation to chat about anti-aging options, give us a call at 908-879-2222.

3 Myths About Facelifts Debunked

Although non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures like Botox and fillers are some of the most popular treatments that we provide, surgical procedures like facelifts have their perks. During a facelift, we will surgically lift and tighten the skin to give patients a more youthful look. If you are on the fence about getting a facelift, this article will debunk three common myths about this popular surgery.

Myth 1: People Will Be Able to Tell

Looking like you had work done on your face may not be the thing that you are going for. As long as you go with a trusted surgeon like Dr. Weinstein, nobody ever has to know that you had work done, but they will notice that you look a lot younger. Not only will your incisions be hidden, but we will tighten the face in a way that looks more natural than anything.

Myth 2: The Surgeon I Go To Doesn’t Matter

One of the best things that you can do when you elect to have a surgical procedure done like a facelift is to go with a licensed, trained, and well-respected surgeon. Although plastic surgeons are required to undergo rigorous training, they are not all created equal. When you come into our office, you can rest assured that your face will be in great hands. Dr. Larry Weinstein has been practicing medicine for years and has seen just about it all.

Myth 3: They don’t work

With a facelift, our goal is to ensure that you get real results that you are excited about. If you feel like Botox and fillers aren’t doing what they use to, or if you feel like your face is losing a lot of collagen, then a facelift may be the way to go. After you have healed and the swelling has gone own, you will see full results that are worth bragging about.

Take the step so learn more about getting a facelift and call our Chester office at 908-879-2222.

How to Prevent Your Facelift Scars From Turning Into Something Scary

Facelift Morristown NJOther than answer your door to some spooky trick or treaters on Halloween night, nothing is quite as scary as looking in the mirror after a facelift only to see a bunch of visible stars. Although Dr. Larry Weinstein makes it, so facelift scars are as concealed as possible by the hairline or behind the ears, there are still some things that you can do to prevent your scars from darkening in color and looking more noticeable if you pull your hair back.

Avoid the Sun

If you can, try to stay out of the sun while your scars are healing. The sun works to naturally darken the skin— especially scars— which can make them a lot more visible. If you have to be outside, make sure that you cover your scars in a thick layer of SPF and that you also wear a hat for an added layer of protection.

Use a Scar Cream

Another thing that you can do to make sure that your scars don’t get too dark is to apply a scar cream like Mederma which works to lighten scars from the inside out. Additionally, by applying a scar cream like Mederma, you can keep your skin moisturized which will prevent your scars from itching as they heal.

Avoid Picking

When you have a scar that’s healing after surgery, it can be itchy and just overall uncomfortable. Even though you may want to scratch and pick at your scar, make sure that you don’t touch it; the more you pick at it, the less likely it’s going to heal well an the more likely it will be more visible.

If you are worried about scarring after a facelift, just know that a little amount of scarring is inevitable and completely normal. To help reduce how visible your scars are, though, you can use the tips listed in this article. To learn more about facelift surgery and recovery, contact our Chester office and call us at 908.879.2222.

Get a Liquid Facelift In Time for the Holidays!

 Fillers Chester Township, NJFine lines and wrinkles may be indicative of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve seen (mainly the sun), but they can also make you feel self-conscious and like you never want to have your picture taken— let alone have it plastered on your holiday family card. Luckily, Dr. Larry Weinstein has a variety of options— both surgical and non-invasive— that can work to correct these facial concerns and get you camera ready in no time. However, because the holidays are just around the corner, non-invasive options like a liquid facelift may be the best way to go.

If there’s one thing that Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse, and Voluma all have in common, it’s that they’re all dermal fillers. Each one of these fillers has pros and cons to them. For instance, Belotero can be applied in just a few minutes, but it only lasts for a couple of months. Whereas, Juvederm and Radiesse take a little longer to apply but last the upwards of 6 to 15 months depending on the patient. During a liquid facelift, Dr. Larry Weinstein will strategically inject facial fillers across your face to help temporarily soften fine lines and wrinkles, add more volume to your skin, and give you an overall more youthful appearance.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Larry Weinstein, he will determine whether or not dermal fillers are the right option for you. Depending on your skin and the areas of concerns that you would like to target, Dr. Larry Weinstein will comprise a plan that is catered to your skin and your skin’s specific needs.

Don’t let your skin prevent you from taking a family holiday photo this year! Let this year be the year where you’ve felt the most confident with a liquid facelift from Dr. Larry Weinstein. Schedule your consultation at our Chester office today!

Get to the Heart of the Issue with a Z-Lift

Z-LIFT Chester, NJAging can make you feel like your body and face are transforming right before your eyes, because well, they are. As you age, your skin starts to lose collagen and elastin which makes it sag and look deflated. Specifically, people start to suffer from sagging around their jowls and jawline— making them look a lot older than they care to admit. Luckily, with a procedure called the Z-lift, Dr. Larry Weinstein can restore your jawlines natural heart shape and make you feel more confident in the process.

Why a Z-Lift?

Dr. Larry Weinstein has been using the Z-lift facelift procedure for over 20 years and finds that it gives patients great results with minimal downtime. Unlike a traditional facelift, the z-lift facelift uses standby anesthesia—- valium and a few injections— which means that it can be done in an outpatient clinic and allows the patient to go home just four to five hours later. Additionally, Dr. Larry Weinstein typically prefers the z-lift facelift because patients can get back to work after around four to five days and can start traveling after just one week— something you could never do with a traditional facelift.

What Are the Benefits?

If you look around and it looks like everyone is aging gracefully, they are but not without the help of doctors like Larry Weinstein. Sometimes, your skin needs a little plumping, lifting, and tucking to help you look and feel your best. With a Z-lift, patients experience a variety of exciting results including a more chiseled neckline and the reduced appearance of nasolabial folds.

If your jawline no longer resembles a heart due to a loss of elasticity in your skin, you may want to consider getting a z-lift facelift from Dr. Larry Weinstein. Schedule your z-lift facelift consultation with our Chester office today!

Natural Ways to Look and Feel Young

ModelAlthough there are already numerous cosmetic procedures that could help rejuvenate your look and make you appear a lot younger, many have failed to consider the natural methods they can do to counter the unwanted effects of aging. Getting a facelift means you have to do enough preparation for the procedure, but if you’re not up to all that, you may consider the following tips:

  1. Keep your weight stabilized.

As the years go by, people tend to take their weight for granted when in fact, the secret to a fit body is to consistently maintain a body weight throughout the years. Yo-yo dieting or consequently losing and gaining large amounts of weight could cause your skin to stretch.

  1. Don’t be in too much stress.

A little stress is inevitable, but too much of it can speed up the effects of aging. Our bodies have this natural tendency to release more of the stress hormone cortisol when under pressure, and cortisol can cause damage to the skin. It has the ability to increase oil production as well as prevent the skin from retaining fluids.

  1. Quit smoking.

If it is still not obvious by now, smoking can do a lot of damage to the body, which includes speeding up your skin’s aging process. Moreover, it prevents good blood flow to your face, depriving it from nutrients and oxygen that it supposedly needs. Not only that, it also breaks down your body’s supply of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. It is not surprising to see fine lines forming around the corners of your mouth and eyes if you haven’t quit smoking yet.

  1. A good skin regimen helps.

Because we are talking about proper care for your skin, it is essentially helpful to adopt a great skin care routine to counter the effects of aging. Basically, you will need a cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator, and sunscreen to achieve optimal skin health.

Facelift in New Jersey

If you feel like your skin does not respond to natural ways anymore, it might be best to consider getting a facelift. Contact us at Weinstein Plastic Surgery Center through 908-879-2222 and have a talk with us today.


Circumstances That May Call for a Bit of Nip and Tuck

plastic surgery procedures to improve appearanceEveryone wants to look their best and there are a few situations in life where a bit of nip and tuck could be very beneficial. Our plastic surgery practice, headed by New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Weinstein, is devoted to rejuvenating and enhancing your natural beauty using state-of-the-art procedures. Your beautiful, natural results will make you look better and feel more confident about your appearance!

The following are the most common situations which call for a bit of nip and tuck.

Age is Just a Number
While age is certainly just a number, one can’t help but notice the physical toll that it does to your face and body. Wrinkles may appear and extra pockets of stubborn fat may stay despite eating clean and regular physical activity. If that’s the case, cosmetic surgery may help — from a facelift to liposuction to a thigh lift.

Beauty After Baby
Having a baby is probably one of the most memorable moments for a woman. Yet, pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to certain physical changes in a woman’s body such as sagging breasts, the appearance of stretch marks, and loose abdominal skin. Majority of post-childbirth women find themselves stuck with such physical changes even after trying diet and exercise. Dr. Weinstein recommends a Mommy Makeover, a set of procedures geared towards improving a woman’s physique post-pregnancy. The most common procedures in a Mommy Makeover include a breast augmentation/lift, tummy tuck, butt lift, and liposuction.

Life Changes
Sometimes, you could use a bit of nip or tuck when you’re about to apply for a job, tie the knot, or move to a new city or country. Plastic surgery could help you add more zest and confidence to these important life events.

Social Media Influence
There’s no doubt about social media as one of the factors today which influence individuals to have plastic surgery. Who wants to have wrinkles and fine lines appearing on one’s Facebook profile photo? No one, right? Hence the birth of cosmetic procedures such as the FaceTime facelift.

To arrange your initial consultation with Dr. Weinstein and learn more about New Jersey cosmetice procedures, get in touch with us at our Chester Clinic by calling us at (908)879.2222 or by filling out this contact form. Make an appointment today and experience the life changing effects of plastic surgery!

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