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Your Ultimate Guide to Sculptra


Model 13Do you miss the days when you still had that youthful glow on your face? Here at our New Jersey facial rejuvenation practice, we can help you restore your youthful appearance. One way to achieve this is by using Sculptra. This substance will be injected directly to the parts of your face that need volume or recontouring. With Sculptra, you can regain your youthfulness and achieve natural-looking and subtle results without going under the knife and without any downtime.

Which sites can Sculptra treat?

Sculptra may be administered to certain parts of the face. It can add volume to:

  • Hollow cheeks
  • Hollow chin area
  • Hollow temples

Sculptra can also do the following:

  • Soften bony cheekbones
  • Reduce the appearance of nasolabial (nose to mouth) and melolabial (mouth to chin) lines and folds
  • Define the jawline

Is Sculptra safe to use?

The use of Sculptra for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines has been approved by the FDA in 2009. For over ten years, it has been used extensively in the United States, Europe, Canada, and 20 other countries throughout the world.

What are the contraindications that I have to know?

Generally, Sculptra should not be used on patients who are allergic to lidocaine. Pregnant women or nursing mothers may not be able to undergo treatment, as well as individuals who have rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and Sjogren’s syndrome. It is important to keep your doctor aware of any medical conditions that you currently have, especially in the case of autoimmune diseases.

Is the procedure painful?

Because Sculptra needs to be injected into the face, the patient may experience a little discomfort during injections. However, it can be minimized by the local anesthetic that is already found in the solution. A topical numbing cream may also be applied 45 minutes prior to the start of the procedure.

How will I look after treatment?

You may experience slight bruising after treatment. Moreover, the injection sites may be swollen for about a week. These signs are normal and will fade over time, and your doctor may prescribe you with medications to alleviate these symptoms. Immediately after treatment, you can already put on makeup and return to normal daily activities.

To learn more about Sculptra and to answer any questions you have about the procedure, you can request an appointment with Dr. Weinstein today by calling 908-879-2222. You may also contact Dr. Weinstein by filling out this online form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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