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Breast Lift Myths Debunked!


ModelOne common reason why most individuals have second thoughts in getting a cosmetic surgery is the unpleasant information they hear about a particular procedure. They believe in these statements so much that they think all of these are true, when in fact, they are just pure myths! Breast lift is a popular procedure that many patients still resort to for the wrong reasons.

Here are some breast lift myths that we have revealed only for you:

Myth: The breasts can only be lifted with a breast lift.

Although a breast lift can effectively “lift” the breasts, especially if the patient has good skin elasticity, more people opt for breast implants in order to add more volume and shape to the breasts. When done with a breast lift, the patient is more likely to achieve her desired results right after the procedure.

Myth: Breast lift can provide permanent results.

The saying that goes, “nothing lasts forever” is true when it comes to the results of a breast lift. Although you will have perky, more youthful-looking breasts for a long time, but with inevitable aging, the results can still alter over time. The breast continues to age as well so it is possible that they will go back to their droopy appearance anytime in the future.

Myth: Your breasts will be immune to any changes and weight fluctuations in the future.

As much as the rest of your body becomes affected once you gain or lose a lot of weight, so do your breasts. You can only do little to prevent these changes from happening once you experience significant weight fluctuations. This is why it is highly recommended that you have already maintained a healthy or ideal weight before undergoing a breast lift. Doing so can prolong the outcomes and youthful results of a breast lift.

Dr. Weinstein is qualified to perform breast lift to potential patients. If you are interested in getting a breast lift, call us today at 908-879-2222 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Weinstein. We look forward to hearing from you!

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